Meet the cast


Angeline Bellamí

Angeline Bellamí is the lead AI developer and Robotics chair of Glaucus.  As Head of the Oracle Project, she designed Jane and the other AIs and is behind the recent advances in bio-engineered artificial muscles.  She is a scientist, daughter of scientists, and sees the AIs as her children of sorts.  She has little patience with people, preferring to interact with intelligences she has designed.

Age: 30 years
Height: 1.75 meters
Weight: 50 kg
Ancestry: French





Jane is Tenzin’s AI assistant, as part of the Oracle Project.  Designed by Angeline, she has a physical organic computing matrix installed in Tenzin’s armor, but can access the base’s sensors and project her “consciousness” wherever wires will take her.  Her adaptive programming continues to evolve and surprise her as she becomes more human-like through her interactions with Tenzin.

Age: Appears 18 years, actually 2 years
Height: 1.70 meters
Weight: 45 kg
Ancestry: American
Note: She is an AI with a visual avatar.  All appearance data are subject to change without notice.




Bobrov Konstantin Yakovlevich

Konstantin Yakovlevich is a troubled man.  Chief Engineer of a community struggling to survive in the ruins of the Sayano–Shushenskaya hydroelectric power plant, Konstantin has had to make difficult decisions to save his people.  While his mysterious benefactor provides much needed medicine and supplies, the payment demanded in return goes against everything Konstantin was taught by his father, and may spell the ultimate doom of not only his community, but the whole continent.

Age: 31 years
Height: 1.85 meters
Weight: 65 kg
Ancestry: Russian





Lily is a recent refugee and rescue from a town devastated by a new enemy to Minerva. The only survivor of her town, her scars, both physiological as well as psychological, have left her mute. Town records were destroyed as well, leaving her caregivers to only guess at her age and name. Despite this, Lily is a cheerful and helpful child. While she does not mix well with other children, she has grown attached to Angeline, and to Tenzin, who saved her, and shows an unusual ability to interact with robots and AIs.

Age: Approximately 10 years
Height: 1.31 meters
Weight: 28 kg
Ancestry: Kyrgyz




Richard Wheeler

Rick is a master mechanic and implementer.  He takes the science from people like Angeline and applies them to his assigned unit: the Keleres.  He looks up to the soldiers he serves, especially Tenzin, and works tirelessy to ensure their equipment is maintained and ready for battle.  In his spare time he tinkers with their gear and strives to improve it however he can.

Age: 25 years
Height: 1.90 meters
Weight: 70 kg
Ancestry: English




Tenzin Dorje

Tenzin Dorje is Captain of Aegis’ top squad, the Keleres.  Haunted by a troubled past, he has difficulty connecting with others, even those he leads.  Before joining Minerva he had dedicated his life to seeking out and destroying marauding groups.  That same intensity drives him today and makes him the effective commander that he is.

Age: 32 years
Height: 1.75 meters
Weight: 91 kg
Ancestry: Tibetan



Thalia character sheet

Thalia Gordon

Thalia Gordon, better known as Agent Nightshade or the Dust Witch, is a clandestine agent of Minerva working directly underneath General Kubek of Aegis. Her prowess is legendary and the stuff of legends, and the mention of her name strikes fear in many a bandit or would-be warlord. Details of her life before the events of the comic can be read starting here.

Age: 36 years
Height: 1.73 meters
Weight: 70 kg
Ancestry: British



Viktor Golovanov

Lieutenant Viktor Golovanov of the Keleres joined Tenzin in his vigilante quest for justice a few years before they joined up with Minerva.  While terrible to behold in battle, Viktor has a gentle heart and enjoys a good laugh.  His easy-going nature and history with Tenzin makes him one of the Captain’s only friends.

Age: 35 years
Height: 1.95 meters
Weight: 111 kg
Ancestry: Russian


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    • Just for you, I specifically included Jorge on this, so that you wouldn’t be able to predict anything about the permanence of the listed characters ;)

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    • Hehe, true. She does actually have a physical form (her computer matrix), as you’ll see in Chapter 5.

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    Typo on Jorge’s rank: ‘Lietenant’ => ‘Lieutenant’. Unless you want to go for ‘teniente’. :-)

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    • Will definitely be updating this page with time. It’s a hard balance of including people who WERE main characters so that new readers don’t know they’re gone, and not giving away too much future information about them, or who is an important character in the future either.

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    • Let’s just say his eventual prostheses weigh approximately the same XD

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  • This is so good! !

    • I love how Jane evolved from her Minerva look to something almost completely original.