Over the years, The Demon Archives has received several critiques and reviews.  Excerpts and links are below.

“The world building is clearly done with passion and dedication … There’s a vibrant world in here, and the creative team bring it to life deftly.”

Oliver Gerlach, Comic Bastards.


“The Demon Archives is a fantastic webcomic. Really good science fiction, high-concept kinda cyberpunk stuff … I can’t recommend the comic enough, it’s really good. It’s one of the better webcomics out there, in my opinion.”

The Awesome Comics Podcast.


“I’d recommend this one for anyone who wants to have their feet firmly placed on the ground. The realization of what it’s like to be stuck in a life of constant combat, let alone the repercussions of something like a global war is quite humbling. Also, their dudes are kinda hot.”

Hasera and Lark Review, My Hero!


The Demon Archives is fast-paced, action packed sci-fi story about the closest band of soldiers you’ll see since Gears of War. Combine that with stunning panels and the writer’s passion to create a deep world, this is a series that will be worth your money to read.”

James Blundell, Pipedream Comics

“Sharp and Piriz present a complex, lore-heavy apocalyptic landscape. They ride the line between grounded, hard science fiction and fantasy adventure in an anachronistic game of mix-and-match.”

Magen Cubed, On Comics.

“The art is simply stunning. Seba does a great job in every area of production and has a very signature style.”

Michael Yakutis, Comic Underdogs.


“It’s obvious [Daniel] has crafted a world he is invested in. His dedication makes Demon Archives a quality story that is well paced.”

Les Major, Top Web Comics.


“Rating: 5/5 – High Octane Post-Apocalypse Sci-Fi. … The art and dialog really work well to capture the sense of action and tense, gritty combat.”

Stephen Bretall, ComicSpectrum.


“You’ve got Show Don’t Tell here, you’ve got a totally non-contrived honest and fearful moment, you’ve got great visuals, and you’ve got me engaged in the characters and their emotions on multiple levels.”

Snark, School of Pyschologics.


“3/5. I’d like to see a little more urgency in turning this project into the intriguing science-fiction story it was intended to be.”

Liberty Cabbage, The Webcomic Police.


“Soldiers in identical battle armor might seem easy to draw, but to make each stand out and create a story using those same looking characters might be one of the greatest feats one can imagine in art.”

Eishtmo, Wild Webcomic Review.


“Overall, the premise presented is pretty cool, and I’m interested in seeing where it goes. The art is fantastic, and the comic overall feels pro.”

Fes, The Webcomic Beacon.


“Where it shines is the interesting and subtle backstory that Dan has infused it with so that it doesn’t feel like another cliched Mad Max clone.”

Ethan Kocak, The Black Mudpuppy.


“I highly recommend The Demon Archives for all those who are a fan of well-developed, entertaining post-apocalyptic stories with incredible art.”

Molly Krost, Girls Like Comics.


“Overall, Demon Archives strikes me a solid graphic novel that speaks effectively to its target audience and has enough supplemental materials to keep die-hard fans and research freaks alike, very happy.”

Vas Littlecrow Wojtanowicz, Velvet Rasputin: Webcomic Whipcrack.


“I really liked the writing of the dialogue, the characterization of the main character, Tenzin.”

Tim Young, Decon Comics Podcast.


“The art is really nice looking and I have high hopes for some of the themes going forward.”

Brendan Albetski, The Hell To Breakfast Show.


“If you like things like Warhammer 40k then this is right up your alley – except it provides a lot more in the way of story telling. The characters here aren’t invincible bags of muscle, they’re vulnerable, and that emotional depth frequently gets ignored in this type of genre.”

Justin Hubbell, Justin Hubbell Comics.


“Rendered in stunning detail by Sebastian Piriz and a rotation of other fantastic artists.”

J.S. Connor, Steel Salvation.


“The amateur art and inconsistent storytelling often found in indie comics can derail a book before it gets its legs under it. The Demon Archives does not suffer from these problems. 4/5 stars.”

Alan Zeller, Comic Crusaders.


“Artistically, this webcomic is fantastic. Each strip has the presentation and craft of a major dramatically shot, cinematic movie.”

Jack, Your Webcomics.


“With a focus that has been more on the effects and trauma of war and violence than just blasting stuff, and a nicely diverse cast, Sharp has managed to create a gripping tale even for folks like me who aren’t as big on the genre. “

Pretty Cool Webcomics.


“On the whole it’s fun. I really enjoy it. It’s a very nice change compared to a lot of webcomics out there…The backstories all hold together, the characters are interesting, and the action’s really good.”

Jason and Steve, Digital Strips.


“This comic is absolutely cracking. Well worth a read. Excellent writing/excellent art. Recommended.”

Dan Butcher, Vanguard Comic.


10/10. “Strong storytelling and artistic use of exposition balanced by beautiful artwork.”

Strip Show: A Webcomic Revue.


“Absolutely amazing sci-fi dystopian post-apocalyptic webcomic.”

The Awesome Comics Podcast.


“This story is harsh, and brutal, and wrenching, and I love it.”

John Lee, The Comic Guy.


Daniel and Nick have also been interviewed a couple of times:

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  • Delta-v

    It’s nice to see all these people who agree with me. :)

    • You know, it’s the readers’ opinions that really matter the most :) Thanks for being so awesome Delta-v!

  • TheAlmightyOS

    I really don’t know what to make of it. Here we have what, IMHO, should be a published comic book just sitting on the web. Don’t get me wrong, it is great that the author and artist have decided to share their work with everyone and I benefit from that. I just think they should get more than a “This is great” review for their efforts. Yes, there is patreon but even then the author is giving away free stuff to entice readers to donate. The average price of a shitty DC/Marvel comic goes for ~$4. This work is worth much more that. Yet here it is, free to anyone. To me, at least, this is not the quality I would expect from a web comic.

    • NickDA

      Thank you. That means a terrible lot to myself, and I’m sure both to Dan and Seba. Honestly I feel like I’ve been letting Seba and Dan down a bit in the “publishing” aspect. We definitely are aiming to get direct sales going, both digital and real honest hold it in your hands print, and feedback like yours helps motivate.

      • TheAlmightyOS

        I have not bought/read (physical) comics for a long time because the stories are all the same tripe we have seen over and over again with the art changed up a little bit here and there. For Demon Archives, however, I would start staking out my local comic book store again for the latest issue (That and a Tenzin figurine in power armor on my desk would look awesome). I can not speak for the rest of your readers, but I know I am in the market for what you are not selling :)

        • NickDA

          Seba does have a 3D model… I’m so very tempted to rent time on a good CNC or a good 3D printer… Question for you on the model: would basic joint movements be a must for you?

          • TheAlmightyOS

            Disqus must have ate my reply. Joint movement is not a must for me. In fact the opposite is true. I prefer sculpture-like figurines in pose. More artsy that way and my co-workers are less likely to play with and break them. But that is just me.

            As far as 3D printing or CNC, the US has a company called TechShop where you can use all sorts of manufacturing tools for cheap. Don’t know where you guys are based, but it might be an option

          • NickDA

            Ooh, I’ll have to give that a look.

        • Tamara Haitaka

          Ah :) I wouldn’t mind a figurine like that either.

  • Sorry the link got it stuck in the moderator, and I was away from my computer. Now you have a double comment :D

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