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Jan 2013

Aegis – Part 1

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The history of Aegis is actually quite interesting.  In the early days after the War, when the Long Winter first began to abate, Minerva faced few military or political threats.  The few survivors they encountered were so weak from malnutrition and radiation poisoning that they couldn’t have posed a serious danger even if they had tried.  No, it wasn’t until later, when Minerva expanded its territory that they first began to encounter armed competitors.

The following are several excerpts from logs of Metin Burakgazi, the first Minervan Minister of Security.



We received word today that one of the outer villages was ambushed by a large band of men wielding automatic rifles and other assorted weaponry.  Preliminary reports indicate they’ve killed several of the men and are having their way with all the women and girls.  I wish I could do something, but I have less than a dozen poorly-armed security officers.  I’ve sent out messages to the nearby villages warning them of the bandits, and encouraging them to bring their people in to the Base for protection.  Maybe this will wake those damned scientists up.



The bandits have raided another two villages in the sector, but the damned pacifists in command still won’t provide me with more men or weaponry.  Do they think these raiders are just going to leave on their own?



It seems the cavalry have finally arrived.  A sizeable group of UN Peacekeeping forces has taken up position around one of the villages and repelled the last raid.  I didn’t know that any of the military were still around and trying to do their job.  The regents are voting right now on whether to send my force to support them or not.  They better vote yes, because I’m going irregardless.



With the help from the Peacekeepers, our combined forces managed to defeat the raider group and take back the villages.  I was also able to convince the soldiers’ captain to stay on with us and help protect our people.  With their training and firepower we might just be able to shield the locals from any more marauding bandits in the area.  Somehow, I know we are going to encounter a lot more of them.


And thus, Aegis was born.  From those first few Peacekeepers, Burakgazi was able to form a fighting force strong enough and agile enough to defend Minerva until today.  From my experience, the men of Aegis have maintained the same mentality and willingness to protect the weak as those first Peacekeepers.  They truly are deserving of the name Aegis.

  • Tamara Haitaka

    So where did they come from? How did those soldiers survive the Long Winter?

    • I haven’t fully written their stories yet (I eventually would like to write some of the stories that took place DURING and immediately after the apocalypse), so it isn’t fully set in stone. They probably banded together with some small towns, bunkered down, survived, and then started to keep doing their jobs.

      • Adriano

        Or they were sent by someone… With clear orders about how to hide during the Long Winter… Yeah, this smells like someone had planned it all before it begins…

      • Dwergar

        Or have fought their way from the Afghanistan, adopting tactics of the enemies, and winning this war by having better technical and medical support (Sustaining better communications, having less losses by non-battle reasons) and somewhat better discipline (Being unable to safely resign is not the last reason to).

        One of the problems is that it was about 20 years. Without external support they would have a lot of problems of medical (Radiation poisoning, regular (ever mutating) viruses) and more ordinary (Food and clothing allowances) nature, and do not forget about aging of the group.

        P.S. Sorry for my Engrish.

        • Your English is no problem, Dwergar :)

          You bring up a good point about those problems That’s why I think they would have had to make friends with local farmers or something, or be based out of a fort/bunker that had food supplies.

  • Adriano

    Ahah, this makes me laugh a lot : Minerva had to find soldiers to get some.
    I totally understand Metin’s anger.