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Apr 2019

Agent G, by Micah Weltsch

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Hey everyone!

It’s been about a month, time for a new post ;)

New in the life of Dan: I think I’m going to ultimately become a Pediatrician, maybe a Pediatric Oncologist. And we just had a new baby girl! :D

New in the life of the comic: Seba is still pretty busy with a bunch of other paying projects, but thinks he’ll be able to get back to drawing more soon. I also updated the previous post to include the full image instead of just the teaser to the humanitarian campaign.

This piece was commissioned (thank you patreon supports for continuing to give me commissions monies!) of Micah Weltsch of the webcomic The Sparrow. Our favorite mystery spy, Agent G, up to some, ahem, clandestine nighttime activities, perhaps? XD



  • Adriano


    • Delta-v

      Welcome back. ^^

  • Matt [in Middletown]

    Mwuh-hah-hah-hah-haaaah, throat cultures and stitches from overly active kids!

    But seriously, vitamin C and other immune boosting vitamins.
    We need more kid docs, don’t need you knocked out of commission from the patented kid plagues.

    • Like the Dread Pirate Roberts and Iocaine powder, I’ve been developing my own immunity to kid plagues ;)

  • Matt [in Middletown]

    G read over the pad several times before getting disgusted and throwing it aside.
    “I need a change of scenery, something different. Something…bold.”
    He idly went through his contact list, more out of self distraction than any other reason, but stopped on a name.
    “Vivienne Cree” he furrowed his eyebrows over the top of his sunglasses.
    She’d offered him steady work awhile ago, and seeing as he was currently fed up with his current employer…
    He sent an inquiry, and was shocked to receive an immediate enthusiastic response.
    He was to be at her studio in ten minutes.

    “And hold that pose…perfect!”
    G admitted, was quite the change from hired killer to “Male fashion model”, let alone in less than three hours.
    “Flexibility”, yeah yeah yeah he said to himself.
    Some commotion behind Vivienne caught his attention, old habits and reflexes reacted, his gun at his side..
    “What’s the problem?”
    Vivienne turned from the shouting interruption currently doing googly eyes at his gun to grab her camera
    “This is PERFECT!”
    Great, so now this line of undergarments is now marketed with firearms and menace….at least it’s easy money.

  • DeNitro

    A Pediatrician always seems to be that Dr. with the soothing voice and infinite time. Even when the waiting room is overflowing into the hallway with a never-ending mob of sniffing sneezing virus hosts, and their exasperated parents.. Best of luck, one could choose a far less noble path than making children healthy and happy. 🍬

  • Honza Prchal

    You know, when my mom was a paediatric psychiatrist, whenever my uncle wasn’t introducing her as “almost a doctor, a shrink”, he was introducing her as “a psychiatric paedo”. You’re welcome.

    • Delta-v

      You have a very …interesting….family….. ^^

      • DeNitro

        I presumed very fruitful ancestors where the case,, IE family reunions require football stadiums…

  • p0indexterous

    Pediatric oncology, that’s great! Maybe I’ll see you on a St Judes commercial!
    St Judes is the charity we give to.
    Why does my auto-correct want to change “St Judes” to “St Nudes”?
    Good Luck to you and your family!

  • p0indexterous

    The question is: Where’s the holster for that weapon?

    • You don’t want to know… well, maybe you do, I don’t judge XD