• Matt [in Middletown]

    Easy breezy beautiful coversniper.
    Probably won’t be an actual commercial anytime soon.

    • DeNitro

      Unless,, a certain industry giant released a line of Stealth Makeup products…

      • Chris

        If you see me your dead?

        • FourQ

          My dead what?

        • DeNitro

          Naww, “If” you see Agent Nightshade.. She has planned for you to.

  • DeNitro

    Ok, too quiet.. Soo, how about the creative souls show that humor..
    IE, Demon Archives versions of jokes like,,,
    Q: Have you seen the site where Rick spills all of Oculus’ dark secrets?
    A: Randyleaks

    • Heh. Surgery rotation is done, I should actually post a page tomorrow XD

      • Delta-v

        Oh good! I’ve missed you. :)

      • DeNitro

        Oh yeah! New page.. Whoohoo..

        There’s no joking about that. ;-)

      • Matt [in Middletown]

        Saw your Tweet about that.