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Jun 2017

Angeline and Jane, by Deanna Brigman

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Hey all!  Today’s guest art is from Deanna Brigman, artist and creator of the comic Obscurato.  Check it out!


In terms of news, hiatus is almost over (plan is coming back start of July), and I’m in full Kickstarter prep mode. But I have to send Seba a copy to evaluate the colors and make fine touches and stuff XD

Also, I have to figure out how to make a video! XD

What I could use (again) from you all are thoughts on pricing and rewards/tiers. Here are some of my ideas:

  • Initial goal of $3000
  • $5 gets you the ebook
  • $10 gets you a poster of one of the chapter covers
  • $20 gets you the physical book (maybe $15 for “early bird” first 50 pledgers sort of thing)

And then less clear $$ levels, but ideas like:

  • Custom drawing from Seba
  • Signed copies
  • Design a background character
  • Design a secondary character

Some stretch goal ideas:

  • Unlock “Lots of Blood” coloring book ~$5000
  • Unlock volume 2 (Chapter 4)  ~$7500. Pledge an additional ~$10, get volume 2 as well
  • Go hardcover ~$10K. Probably no additional charge, as I’d want to go all or nothing and not have some of each for economics of scale
  • Make 3D printed models of Tenzin/Deathbots? ~$15K


  • Matt [in Middletown]

    Misread one line above as ‘Custom drawing of Seb’ which brought to mind rather bizarre mental images.
    Robo Seb, Galactic Overlord Seb, Super Hero Seb..

  • T.R.

    Hi Dan,

    Your pricing tiers look lower than what I’ve seen for other books. If you can do this at those levels, great. But 3K for a softcover print run of 150 units seems low compared to what I recall of other Kickstarters I’ve seen. (that said, Kboysx1 and I have already started saving our lunch money for this. :) )

    Stretch goal idea: Tenzin and Rick road trip buddy short story.

    Are you planning on Chapter 4 being Vol 2 in its entirety as a separate book? Or adding Chap 4 to this book?

    Instead of a poster at $10, I suggest making a $30 tier for book + poster. (because the book is the kickstarter focus) You could sell the poster via Zazzle (or similar) of you want to make that available as a stand-alone.

    • Chapter 4 is basically as long as Chapters 1-3 together, so yeah, printing it as a second volume XD

      $3K is basically the minimum I need to place a large enough order to get the benefits of the economy of scale of a large order. We get that much, we can print. Anything above and beyond that will help decrease costs and increase “profits” for us. In quotes, because we aren’t trying to make profit off of this, but get a bunch of cool stuff XD