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Nov 2014

Ask Tenzin Anything!

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Alright, I’ve decided to do a couple “Wednesday Spotlight” Interviews of various characters, and probably of Nick, Seba and myself.  We’ll start off with Tenzin.

For inspiration, I’ve given you an early concept drawing of Tenzin at various stages of life.  His wounds slightly changed between then and now, but you get the idea.

So, ask away!  Anything you want really.  It’ll give me a good chance to decide and write stuff up if I haven’t planned the answers yet ;)  Ill then compile Tenzin’s answers and post them as an “interview” :)

  • Adriano #WR

    Hello Tenzin !
    1) How the hell did you met Jorge ? What did you think first of him ? And after knowing him better ?
    2) What do you think of Jane ? Do you know someone having a crush on her ?
    3) Do you believe in God ? Do you practice any religion ?
    5) Pizza or kebab ?
    6) Do you know anything about United States or Europe ? Do you wish you could go there as a tourist ? I don’t know, maybe to visit the Vatican ? Michel-Angelo paintings are great, you know.
    7) How was your life in the woods (Chap 4 p 23) ? Did you like it ?
    8) How did you learn to be such a badass ninja ?

    Eight questions is a good start.

    • Excellent questions. I’ll make sure Tenzin answers at least some of these ;)

      • Adriano #WR

        Thank you very much !

      • Adriano #WR

        Be sure to ask the number 2 ! It’s very… erm, important, you know.

  • Ydo Ucare

    Excellent. A chance for me to get answers to all of the important questions:
    What’s your favorite guilty pleasure?
    What’s your favorite sandwich?
    Who would win in a fight: pirates or ninjas?
    How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?

    • Lol. Jane will have to give Tenzin the context on some of those ;)

  • Hipopótamo de Río

    I have not much to asks, but my characters might… :P

  • This is Any from M9 Girls here! We were together on a group picture, remember? The pretty girl in the blue skirt, lying in your arms? Lucky guy, if I might say so. Here are my questions.
    1- I’m training to use my powers, and it is sooo difficult. What kind of training routines you have, to become as focused and fit as you were up to the events of Chapter one?
    2- Any significant other in your life? I know it’s a harsh world, but you might have known someone in all your travels!
    3- What do you think make a good leader? I sometimes have a hard time having the Girls follow me!
    4- I would love to meet Jane! And I would love to see her schematics, of course, if she agrees. I bet you think of her as a person, rather than an artificial construct. Does that makes things harder or easier, when interacting with her? Would she agree to let me see her schematics?
    5- Who would win on a fight? You or me? I’ll be fair and let you wear your full armor, wink wink ^__^
    Thanks for opening to questions, I know that can be a though experience.
    Ready for another pic?

  • Adriano #WR

    Hey, Tenzin, do you love Angeline Bellamí ?

  • Neil Kapit

    Have you ever needed to go to the bathroom while in the Oracle Suit on a mission? If so, how did THAT work?

  • Exactly how long does it take to get in and out of those bulky suits, anyway? Also, do you practice a specific school of martial arts, or is it simply a hodgepodge of different styles?

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  • Adriano #WR

    Tenzin, are your FOR or AGAINST Minerva expansion ? Do you prefer a more aggressive way of expanding or not ?

  • How many times in your life have you been black-out drunk? And how many of those times happened while in Viktor’s company? These are the truly important scientific questions you could count on me to ask.

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