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May 2017

Chapter 12: Page 27 – Goodbye, Minerva

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Because Seba is a creative genius XD

That’s a wrap of this chapter, and the beginning of a hiatus! This one will be a bit longer, with new pages starting again on July 3rd, to try to:

  1. Build up a nice buffer so we don’t have late pages and etc like we did this chapter.
  2. Let Seba relax his brain and be creative on different things.
  3. Actually run the kickstarter for Chapters 1-3! I just ordered a test printing, which if all goes well will be part of the project video. Expect that shortly!

As always, I’ll still be posting guest art (please let me know if you want to make something! Stick figures and MS Paint are perfectly acceptable, as is prose or anything really!), some comic reviews, and Seba has some fun ideas for interlude standalone pages we’ll be posting as well, so keep checking back :D

If you’re worried about losing track of us, don’t forget we are on Facebook and Twitter and have an RSS feed and all that jazz. I’ll also post pages on Patreon as Seba makes them if you want to support there. Patreon supporters will get a bonus reward as part of the Kickstarter :D

Oh, and it’s my birthday this week! XD


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May 2017

Chapter 12: Page 26 – Presidential Outburst

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My this week has been crazy. Seba’s been busy doing art on some awesome other projects (I think getting into some anthologies or something to? He can explain better). And I’m always sciencing it up. Poor cancer mice…

Anyways, here are the inks (EDIT: colors!), there’s one more page of this chapter which should post next week, AND it’s my birthday next week, so get me something ;P

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May 2017

Chapter 12: Page 25 – Court Adjourned

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Who’s that handsome little sneak…

Looking like 2 more pages (and thus weeks) of this chapter before starting a hiatus. And hopefully during that hiatus to get Nick in gear updating the site, Seba gets time to relax and build a buffer, and maybe I can get the Kickstarter ready to go!

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