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Mar 2018

Chapter 14: Page 8 – Lashing Out

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Oh hey, it’s still Monday :D

I’ve been keeping Seba busy prepping files for printing, and myself busy with working on my Thesis XD

*stress levels…rising….*

So, enjoy the sketch and the text, for now. I’ll update with inks and colors as we finish them.

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Feb 2018

Chapter 14: Page 7 – Deep Breaths

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Will update this later tonight, busy busy busy!

EDIT: Now in full color, with slight edits to invalidate one of Matt’s comments! ;P

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The Cyantian Chronicles by Tiffany Ross – The Cyantian Chronicles is a collection of ongoing comics centered around anthropomorphic creatures from another world and their adventures in finding out who they really are, other than a genetically engineered slave race whose roots lie on the planet Earth.

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