Aug 2014

Why I Read: Inhuman Relations

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Hi, everybody. Delta-v here with another webcomic I like. This one’s a change of pace from my last review, it’s an anthropomorphic (okay, okay, “furry”, but PG) comic by Dennis Hyer about life in Hammonton, New Jersey, at the edge of the famed Pine Barrens.

Dennis said that he didn’t mind, so let’s talk about Inhuman Relations.

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Aug 2014

Why I Read: October 20th

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Dan wrote an interesting review on ZUKHANAUT last week, so I (Delta-v) thought of one of my favorite comics which I’d like to share as well. I got permission from author and artist Marius Hjelseth to do so. (Actually it was Dan that got me the permission–it’s nice to have powerful and influential friends.)

Since October 20th is a horror/mystery, It will take as little extra description, so here goes:


Aug 2014

Why I Read: Zukahnaut

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Okay, Otty Justason, co-creator of Zukahnaut and webcomic friend, has graciously allowed me to try out this new blog section on his comic, Zukahnaut.  Basically, in this section I’ll be explaining why I (or whoever writes one) read a certain webcomic.  So it will kind of be a review, but a very biased one, because my purpose is more to tell you all why I read it and think it is good.  I might include some ideas for improvement, but they’ll be coming from my perspective as a fan, and not an authority on good comicking (because I’m not).

That said, let’s talk about Zukahnaut :D

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