• Ydo Ucare

    And apparently hair dye survived the apocalypse…

    • But of course! How else are the bad guys going to look intimidating without crazy colored hair?

    • demonarchives

      Its totally cool-aide based :D

  • Legendary Sisters

    All that’s lacking here is some 80s era one-liner from the lead Raider… “can I borrow a cup of sugar?” or something.

    • “Two men enter, one man leaves”… Or none of y’all, as it turns out in this case :D

  • spg

    My first thought either. Colored mohawks. I thought this was an 1980ies idea, strange to see it survive solong. But I have to correct myself, check out the very gory scene in “Holy Mountain” of 1973 for a prepunk mohawk postapocalyptic thug.

    • NickDA

      Got to make the baddies look the part :D… then again the colored mohawks was just the 80’s take on “feral war paint” :D

  • nightgaunt

    Looks like plenty of the assault rifles exist. I wonder if they make their own ammo?

    • NickDA

      Some of them I’m sure do re-arm… but I’ve seen the numbers on ammo count per rifle in some military warehouses… in a more direct and quick fire-fight, without the military style spray of covering fire, it’d last a heckuva lot longer.

  • Izumi Ryu

    So, the basic gist so far? We got blown back into the dark ages and rebuilt societies? Interesting so far. Okay, maybe more like middle ages with tech with all the guns going around.

    • That’s the basic idea. Well, that plus the main organization we follow (and you’ll meet in a couple pages) managed to preserve a higher level of tech.

  • Oh dear…

  • Al’

    Very Fallout-esque. I like that. :)

    • It’s funny, because I don’t think any of us have played Fallout before. We probably should :D

  • Really cool designs for the raiders! I’ll second the comment that you should play fallout, it’s a blast. :D

    • But which one? I bought Fallout 1 from GOG, but it’s quite old and a little too difficult to play :/

      • I haven’t played the older ones, but I’d personally recommend fallout 3 or New Vegas. PC is probably the best way to play them in my opinion.

  • Nemo Uiruson

    awesome designs for your nomads

    • NickDA

      Had to have a bit of the token “mad max” style in here somewhere :D

  • Awesome looking bad guys!

  • Citrus Reaper

    Well, shit. Where’s your 10mm when you need it?

  • Duncan Appleby

    Love the design of those characters in that last panel

    • The look of men who have accepted that they’re the bad guys ;)

    • Izzi Ross

      Indeed! :D

  • RTM

    Damn, did that lead raider’s face have an close and intimate encounter with a radioactive cheese grater? Or maybe he almost kissed a flamethrower… I don’t judge either way.

    • He’s been using a 100 year old disposable razor to shave ;)

      • RTM

        Huh, that’d do it. Hope he saves the bits he shaves off and cooks em’ in a soup or whatever, waste not want not and all that stuff.