• Charlie

    I love how you did this almost wordlessly. It really adds to the panic and terror.
    Plus, that’s a very “Road Warrior” feel in the last panel.

    • In all likelihood part of Seba’s inspiration for the characters.

  • Legendary Sisters

    I almost think that last line would be more powerful without the translation note.

    • Yeah…that’s why I at least put it off to the side, without a * in the word bubble itself, so that you don’t have to look at it.

      Plus, who speaks anglicized Azerbaijani?

      • Travis Brodie

        I agree with Legendary Sisters, even more so considering Azerbaijani is an actual language.

        Let people work to find those words, the appreciation would be more gratifying from a readers perspective.

        • nightgaunt

          I prefer not to look sight unseen for a translation quote from a language we are not told about.

      • Melissa J Massey

        I am very sad that I did not recognize Azerbaijani, as it’s one of my favorite countries.

        • Well, to be honest I probably messed up the translation and tranlisteration ;) And apparently people from there are often more likely to speak Russian anyways.

          • Grieffondeath

            As a native Turkish speaker, which originates from the same language, I would critisize on the fact that it’s gramatically … wrong. “Onları öldürün” or just “Öldürün” would have been better even if a brute like that probably have a lot of more suitable words up his sleeve for that occasion… *Flies away*

          • No don’t fly away, come back! Your Turkish wisdom is much appreciated! Relying on Google translate stinks.

            So what did I actually have him say then?

  • Tantz Aerine

    THat is a memorable scar indeed.

  • Dreadogastus

    Oh NO! Vikings!

  • Penpencilandbrush

    What happened to the leaders face?!?

    • Shh! He doesn’t like it when people bring up his face! ;)

      • theRoUS

        Then he shouldn’t let people eat it.

        (Going through from the beginning. Again.)

        • Oooo fun! :D Let me know after the re-read how it flows :)

  • Guess: “Oh Ugly Bird,” Manly Wade Wellman’s stories of Silver John?

    • A good guess, but it’s from “The 3 Musketeers” :)

      • I *thought* I read Dumas recently, but obviously not enough. Oh well. :)

        • Hehe, I don’t think it’s in the book, but it is in the 1993 movie :D

          • NJnerdqueen

            I remember that movie from my childhood! Tim Curry, Kiefer Sutherland, Oliver Platt…. ah, nostalgia.

          • Has Tim Curry EVER played anything but a bad guy? XD

          • Mujaki

            He played the butler in the movie version of “Clue.” He wasn’t the badguy in that… depending on which ending you watch.

          • I think him as the bad guy was the best ending ;P

  • Eoraptor

    two years ago this looked like speculative fiction, now it looks scarily prescient

    • Let us all pray that I DON’T have the gift of prophecy…