• Charlie

    And the cavalry arrives just in time!

    • Doesn’t it always? Well, as you already know, that answer is not always yes, especially in our comic.

  • jerry mcmasters

    Wicked headshot. Love the little red rings!

    • Had to make sure you knew that bullets go really fast ;)

  • Legendary Sisters

    Extending the color-flats out past the panel and line work to the trim line is a pretty cool look. Again… I like this without translation…

  • Marisa Brenizer

    Interesting last panel!

    • Yeah, I love how Seba fuzzed everything outside of the panel itself :)

  • Melissa J Massey

    Great aim, awesome armor.

  • The panel blurring/bleeding is a great effect. Love it

  • Nemo Uiruson

    digging your artwork and designs throughout this comic…you just made a fan

  • Penpencilandbrush


  • Eagle

    This is some very interesting panel design. And a nice reveal of what I assume are the good guys.

    • @sebastinpriz:disqus only gets more creative from here.

      And yes, that is, at least, what I want you to assume >:D

  • theRoUS

    Shouldn’t you have said, “Cue the good guys.” ? :-)

  • Edina Bikic

    Transformers ex machina