• Ydo Ucare


    • Tenzin has personal space issues :)

    • demonarchives

      would you want that slimy purple hair on your shiny new armor? I think not…

  • Legendary Sisters

    I’m a total sucker for power-armored warriors.

    • Well good, because that’s what you’re gonna get ;)

  • Tantz Aerine

    Excellent layouts as well. I can feel the impacts somehow.

  • Melissa J Massey

    The flow and action of the page is intense! Did he punch purple-hair in the face to kill him?

    • The back hand of justice? XD More like Tenzin has a huge chip on his shoulder when it comes to raiders.

    • Sebasp

      He wanted to match both halves of his face

  • Wild action, also it looks like the TF2 engineer made a guest appearance! …Kidding :P Lovely style. This page stood out in the very beginning to me, the raiders kicking down the door and the defenders not showing any mercy in return. Exciting scene and is what I’d expect in this kinda world.

    • NickDA

      Hah, you had me imagining a “heavy” in our world lore… hehe

      • Giant russian dude with a love for big guns and sandwiches? Who doesn’t love that!

  • Nice action shots!

  • HandwashBigpan

    Gold star for trying, oh purple-haired man

  • Wow, love the action shots and progression on this page