• jerry mcmasters

    What’s this taking prisoners stuff? Will this be a kinder, gentler post-apocalypse?

    • Hah, honestly we never really thought of that. Lets posit that they have forced work camps… or that they are gonna make some soylent green later off canvas… either or. Also, welcome!

    • Minerva has some lofty ideals (if you can’t guess just based on the name). It’s hard to claim you’re the good guys if you don’t act like the good guys. Besides, these bad guys were probably actually just hungry. Give them a job/farm and most of them would serve you forever.

  • Marius Hjelseth

    I really have to congratulate you on the addition of the prelude. It sets up the story very well, and looks incredible. The story wasn’t impenetrable before, but it works so much better with this prelude. Very nice work on it.

    • Thanks Marius! That’s really good to hear :)

  • Legendary Sisters

    OK. You got me. I’m hooked. Nice build up… and I like the way you cinematically handled the title shot. This could easily be the first 5 minutes of a film.

    • Excellent. We previously didn’t have this prologue, and instead started with the dry sequence of Tenzin waking up and learning about his mission for that day. We decided an action sequence up front would be a better hook.

      • Legendary Sisters

        Good call!

    • The whole thing plays out a bit like the mix between a movie and a video game in my head, so its nice to hear that others feel a bit of the same. ( In the game this would be the tutorial level :D )

  • Travis Brodie

    Impressed. <3 from Reddit.

    • Ooh! reddit love! That’s the the best (or mayhaps the creepiest) kind of love! ;)

      Do let me know what you think. Also, don’t give up on Chapter 1 page 3. I get much better at the whole don’t infodump thing.

  • Tantz Aerine

    You, sir, have got yourself a new fan.

    • Thanks Tantz Aerine :D I hope to hear more from you in the future :)

  • nightgaunt

    I guess it is to the minds or the fields for them. Slave labor till they can’t work anymore. Life is too precious to just throw away. I’d guess these guys committed the ultimate sin. Any mess ups and they die.

    • NickDA

      Basically. Our thoughts would mostly be that they got the death sentence in action per se, so any “mercy” is really a postpone. Depending on how those dudes behaved/evolved maybe Minerva is the type that would pardon… maybe not. (PS, thanks for commenting, we haven’t closed comments on all of these old posts for a reason… it means a lot to us)

  • awesome i just found you guys stories its pretty awesome!

    • Thanks :) FallenManga from twitter, I assume?

  • Mike South

    Curious if you used “Minerva” as a reference/nod to the short-lived attempt(s) at creating a sovereign nation on the Minerva reefs?

    • Huh, you know, it wasn’t, but that is some pretty cool history right there!

  • Loving this. Great title page.

  • Nice setup for the story! I really like the pacing of the action and the fact that you don’t shy away from showing some violence. Gritty sci-fi is my absolute favorite. :D

  • monolithic222

    This comic looks interesting. I really like the last panel.

    • Thanks monolithic! Nice to see you over here :D I think you’ll enjoy how it turns out :D

  • theRoUS

    Whoa. Ultra-light alloys, power-assist, and/or steroids. No other explanation (that doesn’t involve other planets).