• nightgaunt

    Yes lying in wait for the next crew to show up. A means of causing more destruction. Even so these guys are not like the weaponless, A.I. less and armorless towns people.

    • NickDA

      So who would feel that they could spring a worthwhile ambush…. “Stay tuned next time kids for… ah [email protected]$% just click Next :D”

      • Demetri Ermak

        This is quite a large village to have zero defences. At least remote-operated turrets would have come in handy. You need to fend off the local birds of prey and carnivores, anyway. You can’t deploy a gunship from the city everytime, that’s an overkill))

        • The city of Arkjut is located well within territory that is protected by Minerva, and supposedly cleared out of bad guys. So while they would have had some defenses, they would have been minimal.

          • Demetri Ermak

            Yes, right, I remember now, it’s been under two years that the raiders were cleared out by the elites, must have been one hell of a “get out” sign for raiders. Makes it only more interesting as in – who sneaked past all the grids and their “backside sensors” of seasoned soldiers.

  • Well, at least the raiders can use the proper ‘they’re’ so they’re at least 500x more literate than the average internet browser.

    …Okay that’s a bit lax for a page this serious. That’s the issue with having a survival bunker, bunches everyone up and something goes wrong it’s fish in a barrel.

  • Adriano


    Sorry, couldn’t keep it back xD

  • l33tninja

    Here’s what would surprise me over all of this carnage if I were Tenzin: correct grammar on the “You’re Next” sign. I mean, seriously, what are the odds? 100:1 most baddies would have written “Your Next” . . .

    • Hehehe. Suspicious indeed…. maybe even telling…

    • theRoUS

      I noticed that right away also.

  • theRoUS

    Is everyone actually completely dead? I mean, are some of them partly alive? What happens to their pockets depends upon the answer..

    • If only there was a Miracle Max in the TDA universe…