• I dig the camouflage-projection of the suit, too. A very logical tech…

  • nightgaunt

    Probably a nano coat tied in to the A.I.’s that adapt the camouflage to the situation.

  • PhoenixRenaissance

    Geez, I was not going to guess that the kid was still alive. That really took me by surprise.

    • NickDA

      Nice.. that was the feel that we were hoping for. Just as it caught the soldiers by surprise.

  • Adriano #WR

    How did they not see the kid was still alive ? I mean, come on, the A.I. analyzed the bodies x)

    • Jane analyzed the bodies Tenzin was looking at. All the adults and people on the ground. It was an oversight on both their parts.

      • Adriano #WR

        Oh, right. Didn’t think of it.
        She’s not omniscient x) Pretty sad :(

      • Henrik Svantesson

        Oooh, the AI thinks at a merely human rate/has very limited multitasking ability?

        • I don’t know if I’d say VERY limited, but yes, it is certainly not UNlimited.

          • Henrik Svantesson

            That’s a pretty big thing for an AI to just overlook, though! It’s pretty bad even for a soldier with first aid training to overlook.
            Then again, she might’ve still been in the process of getting all the info necessary to make sure they’re safe and scanning the area for hostiles and a bunch of other processor-heavy stuff.

            Am very interested in AI and all its implications – it’s often very hard to include superintelligent or even normal-intelligence-but-perceives-time-the-same-way-Quicksilver-does AI without breaking a LOT of story in a setting. Either of the “shouldn’t she have predicted that and figured out a way to prevent it?” in the superintelligence category, or in the quicksilver category “Wouldn’t that sudden thing appear extremely slowly to her and give her a good 10 minutes in her time to react to it in time?”

            And that’s before we get into the “writing characters smarter than the author and einstein by an order of magnitude” issues and the implications of social engineering by a superintelligent character (humans are extremely hackable – you just need to persuade them, and you can instantly access all information about them, and can produce any evidence that software can produce that you’re someone else than who you claim to be. Especially in areas where those who are gatekeepers to the system are lax in their duties, like tired guards and people who really don’t care for all that IT nonsense, or just people who are terrified when their boss calls them and yells at them that their password isn’t working.

            Heck, a lot of this can be done WITHOUT a superintelligent AI, but one that merely reads up on these techniques and can scan a facebook and LinkedIn account very quickly.

          • I have a lot of fun thinking about and toying with these questions across the comic. Probably make mistakes, but I like my take on AI (hint, not Moore’s law style, more replicating a human brain in silico style).

          • Henrik Svantesson

            Getting that, greatly looking forward to it! :D

  • Poor kid! And yay for air support called in from Sven!