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  • Marisa Brenizer

    I had to read the fourth panel a couple of times to get the meaning. Because Jane said “could” it seemed like Tenzin was answering her with a “can”. Got it now, though. “Can” as in “shutupandletmehelpthispoorchild, Jane”. :)

    • Huh, I’d never realized that potential problem. Glad it eventually came across :D

    • NickDA

      Hahaha… Tenzin the grammar police even in the tightest of situations.

  • nightgaunt

    I forgot about the booby trapped wounded person.

    • NickDA

      nothing without consistent nods to some of the more standard “tropes”. Shame that this style of ambush is so easily believable and historical in our world.

      • Demetri Ermak

        Though they wouldn’t make the string so long, I thinks, but that’s just me nagging.

        • Hehe yeah that might be exaggerated for effect :D

  • Citrus Reaper


  • RTM

    *sigh* Of course the kid’s a trap…

  • smurfton

    Seems like military action now. I imagine that most people don’t have access to mines like that.

  • in like 150 pages later you have the reason this trap worked on Tenzin