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  • Charlie


    • I love this page… its in my finals list for posters I want to get printed.

  • Charlie

    He’s also tired, upset, and thinking that there’s more going on than meets the visiscreen. It was pretty careless, but understandably so.

    • Delta-v

      I’ll agree that he’s tired and upset. The name he speaks when he sees the girl–Indira–is the same as the one he mentions in Ch. 1, P.2 as someone he had failed…But, soldiers are routinely trained to function on little or no sleep for 72 hrs or more, and he could have as easily killed the girl he was trying to save since the sharp rise in air pressure attending the blast wave can crush the organs of an unprotected body even if the person is shielded from the blast itself.

      As a rather silly comparison, it would be like you “carelessly” choosing the wrong tool and destroying a panel. Perhaps once upon a time, but not now.

      • Demetri Ermak

        I won’t be surprised if he stretched his body limits to the extreme with all the PTSD he’s coming through. (The first two pages imply that he’s having one hell of a PTSD with all the nightmares and mistaking over kids for someone he failed)

    • Yeah, we hinted a bit at it when he first saw her… but will clarify “why” in chapter 4, at least who this “Indira” is to Tenzin.

  • Marius Hjelseth

    I am a huge fan of human fallability in fiction. Too often, it is systems and contingencies that fail, and cause problems. Introducing bad judgement calls is a powerful tool, not just for the narrative itself, but also the building of a character. People making mistakes, reacting, adjusting, sometims justifying, and eventually, living with it is a big part of life, and I strongly feel it should be a larger part of fiction than it is.

    • Delta-v

      Oh, absolutely! Character flaws and quirks are what make people interesting. Plain vanilla is better if you add other flavors.

      But then, you know all about flawed characters (and “Huh? What?” plot twists), and I respect that. :D Some day I WILL comment, I promise. :)

  • Awesome page, my only issue is with the direction his body is pointing from panel 1 to panel 2 – he’s facing one way and then the other. I am assuming he spun around so he’d fall on his back and protect his ward from hitting the ground, but the transition is kinda choppy here. But I know you don’t want to put a lot of panels to show that because more panels slows the pace down and this is a quick, frantic scene. TLDR; I don’t know how I woulda done this page except to maybe add one more small panel to show him in a sideways position so that last panel isn’t as jarring.

    • Yeah, that’s a good point. I’m glad you were able to figure it out, but we could have maybe shown that a little better visually.

  • nightgaunt

    Get to see how tough those suits are. The main reason why soldiers tend to not want a full armored suit is its physical limitations and lack of real reliable protection. That could change with improvements. Like we see here.

    • NickDA

      That and the chaffing and “fouling”… those are some of the largest technical reasons. Plus the materials we have aren’t worth it just yet. To get something on the whole body that is strong enough to stop an armor piercing or heat round… we are not there yet. Minerva however…

  • Adriano #WR

    That explosion is really nice :)

  • Izumi Ryu

    Typical tactic, leave a bait and set off the explosion. Hope that armor withstood the blast.

  • Penpencilandbrush

    Yay, explosions! :)

  • Really nice explosion!

  • Holy crap, what are these raiders packing?