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  • Legendary Sisters

    Great way to end a chapter. Love that shrinking panel progression.

  • nightgaunt

    Lights out, time to reboot the system and call in evac to do a thermal scan. Anyone alive is probably the enemy and snuff ’em real quiet like.

  • Adriano #WR

    Wow… this is going to be hard for him and his squad.

    Ambushes are hard :(

  • Great chapter! Really suspenseful, I’m excited to see where this goes. :D

    • Thanks! 3 more chapters are up and ready for you ;)

  • Great chapter! Also great pacing! 25 pages, is that standard issue length? Really well planned, nonetheless!

  • Jens Richard

    Wow, just wow i say.
    Now i have read chapter 1.
    I love the way the story are told in frames and non-frames. like the way we se how the operator sends the HAWKs to the city. Its not just some smart art stuff, ist a part of the storytelling. Like the way we change to FPW and back. Like this page, with spaces between the frame until blackout.
    I do see myself in Tenzin, and his relation to IA Jane. This is how I see myself in this universe.
    I love the way how the art, and story feels so strait forward, but still like no one knows whats next.

    I don’t know the change in the dialog thats have been made, all i can say, that what i have read is in perfect balance, special the background dialogs where the group talking in the back, and the hand giving orders to secure the buildings without envy words.

    This webcomic is a keeper!

    • Awesome to hear! The next chapters keep getting better, in my opinion :D

    • Thanks a lot Jens!

  • Citrus Reaper

    Well then. Time for some high-quality gunfighting.

    • heh, It’s funny to read comments of people that was about to read something very different than what they expected :P

  • Otterkit


  • l33tninja

    man, just binged chapter 1 – really great work. Great fade out here, too.

  • smurfton

    Interesting. You obscured the enemy in every panel. This suggests that knowing what they look like would be telling. Have we seen them before?