• Charlie

    Ha-ha, even Viktor sees the attraction.
    Man, those are some sweet vehicles. And I really love the layout of panel 1.

    • Yeah, this makes me think you meant Angeline and Tenzin in your comment on the previous page.

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  • Legendary Sisters

    Please tell me those APCs are being rendered and traced and not drawn by hand.

    • Oh good golly no. Seba made a 3d version of them and just rotates it as he needs it.

      • Equally awesome none-the-less :D Also, welcome @legendarysisters:disqus

  • Tantz Aerine

    I have this sinking feeling he’s going to find out.

  • nightgaunt

    Nicely designed Desert APC’s.

  • Adriano #WR

    Omg the discussion of the soldiers xD
    They’re funny ^^

  • legothief

    Cool design for the suits- what inspired you? It looks really original; only thing that comes close to my mind is Terran marines from Starcraft, but even that seem far-fetched.

    • I’m not sure what inspired our artists. I know that @sebastinpriz:disqus altered some design concepts by another of our artists at the time, Matias Basla. I know that myself as an author was just going for something that looked like we could actually make and use in the next 100 years :)

  • I like the first panel. It really shows the isolation that Tenzin feels that’s spelled out in the rest of this comic.

    • Glad that’s coming across. Hopefully this hasn’t spoiled the comic too much for Milty’s upcoming review ;)

  • Bruce Greenwood

    Really? Really?! You might as well have said, “Nothing can possibly go wrong”, or “This is going to be the best Christmas Walford has ever had!”

    • Bruce, love the profile pic :) And yeah, this was one of my first pages ever. A little heavy on the foreshadowing. Trying to decide if it is worth a rewrite or not. Maybe something just like “Viktor old friend, you always cheer me up.” which was the sentiment I was aiming for.

      • Bruce Greenwood

        Heh. That’s my occasional weekend volunteer work. The comment was meant largely in jest and is a quote from Doctor Who.

        • Well if you can hook him up with Thomas you would be my nephews best friend ever :)

          And I am still catching up on Dr. Who and probably haven’t seen that episode yet :D And since I often cringe while reading that particular bit of dialogue, I had something to say about it ;)

          • Bruce Greenwood

            If you’re in NSW Australia, maybe… and hey, I’ve read worse dialogue by people who consider themselves brilliant writers before. If you really wanted to change it, go with something like “Hahaha! That line never gets old, Viktor.” Or, you know, something good instead of what I just wrote.

          • Darn…continents away. Although I’ll remember that if I ever get to visit Australia :D

            Yeah, we’re prepping for a print run and I might edit this and some other dialogue. Small dialogue changes are easy for Seba to make. The art is mostly set the way it is. Too hard to edit.

  • Melissa J Massey

    Ooo those terrible plot feelings are coming to me. As I well know, no first chapter mission is as straight forward as it seems.

    • FarSeeker8 .

      No plan survives first contact with the plot!

  • Adriano #WR

    Omg, I just get the meaning of what Viktor says about testing Tenzin endurance and taking DNA sample.
    Omg, I can’t keep laughing, this is so great, @DaemonDan:disqus ! xD

    • ;)

    • Penpencilandbrush

      It’s a veiled sexual joke.

  • Hnrrrghh those APCs. Can I borrow one? Just for like 5 minutes, I promise nothing broken but there may be some blood on the bumpers …..wheels …roof,….Seats, just gimme the keys dammit.

    • Sorry it’s locked out to any non-Keleres. ;)

  • Kensei Seraph – Terran Ghost

    Oh look, a death flag.

  • theRoUS

    Someone sign him up for Facebook. Or Exobook. Or something.

  • RTM

    Виктор, ты крутой но подозреваю что ты возможно умрёшь первым.

    • Harsh.

      • RTM

        Да, но в расказах или комиксах о пост-апокалиптический мирах я пробую слшком не привязывтся к специфичным людям. Есть шанс что с ними что-то случится что-то плохое.

        • Google translate is working quite well with your Russian! Are you a native speaker? Have you seen our translate mirror over on acomics.ru/~DemonArchives ?

          • RTM

            Yeah, more or less. Though it’s easier to type in English, just like it’s easier for me to write in cursive Russian on paper, I’m too used to either things, I suppose I have been too long on English speaking forums and muscle memory and such set in. Regardless, I try not to get too attached to people in post-apocalyptic stories, bad things tend to happen to them…

          • Well you are certainly welcome to keep commenting here :D