May 2016

Chapter 10: Page 1 – That’s Our Cue

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And we’re back to the Tenzin show!  Looks like the battle was a success, but what’s this?  And where is Tenzin running off to?  And why is Dan asking so many questions he obviously knows the answers to?  Tune it next week to find out! ;P

Also, Patreon pledgers can see pages in advance (I’ll upload a couple MORE today, beyond page 2, which is already up).  And did you see that latest chapter of the canonical short story, Essence of Nightshade?  Rather important to the plot, actually.

  • Gart Shwey

    Uh-oh. Scummy politicians. Good choice getting out of there Tenzin.

    • Chris

      It’s OK, he’s clearly a Red Shirt.

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  • Ian Brown

    run from the politician, he doesn’t want to dirty is nice battle stained Armour with politician on it.

  • Matt [in Middletown]

    Feed him to the synth muscle reactor.
    Accidentally, of course.

  • Adriano

    Jane: “Don’t flee, Tenzin! Kill ’em! Remember what they did to Indira!”
    Tenzin, running towards the Oculus men: “INDIRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!”
    Jane: “My work here is done”

  • I gotta say, I hate this dude, but he’s pretty gutsy, wandering into a recently-active combat zone on foot with no armor. He must have an awful lot of confidence that there are no explosives or chemical weapons.