• Matt [in Middletown]

    Speedy Deathbot: “can I have your autograph?”

    • *Carves name into chassis with laser*

      • Matt [in Middletown]

        “I’ll never have this repainted or ground flat!”

        • “Wait if this a Z or an N? Are you Zorro?!”

          • Matt [in Middletown]

            “I made this flower out of hand crushed and folded metal for you!”
            Deathbot: warrior, poet, lover. Try all new Deathbot today!

  • Kaiden


  • Jack Crow

    *realization dawns like a …* .. damn.
    Like, like a thing, that is very happening.
    A thing that is inexorably happening.

    ps. much congrats to you and the baby!

  • Is that like… a hand held railgun? OOOOOooooo….

    • “Hand held”, I suppose you could call it that XD

      • Well I SEE That it’s being held by a very obvious cybernetic arm! O_O (And why can’t I think of who this is? I READ EVERYTHING YOU HAD!)

        • Well obviously you haven’t ;P

          • HAH! Don’t tell me what I haven’t done! :P:P I was reading it during an APP season with 59 other entries… O_o I can’t remember details from ALL of it! :P

          • Heh, I believe you read all the COMIC pages, but it seems that some of the EXTRAS, maybe even the LORE, slipped your notice ;)

          • Perhaps… I won’t deny that I haven’t gotten very far into the ancillary stuff.

          • NickDA

            There’s some pretty epic and full bodies short stories in there … super sweet

          • If you want to know who this lady is, I suggest starting here: https://demonarchives.com/the-undying-voice-of-julius-gordon-part-1/

        • Delta-v

          Even the Comments sections?

          • For the most part yes, especially after I caught up with the tale.

          • Delta-v

            Lately? Last few pages? :)

            This page? :)

          • Nope, been busy getting my stuff ready for this school year (And App season). Though I see the name mentioned above. *shrug*

  • Honza Prchal

    Great news … and dang goo art too. This is a good country to be sick in, or to have a loved one sick in, even now. May you never experience that again.

  • Delta-v

    “Chekov’s Sniper” (@Chris Kotthoff and @T.R. called it)

    Glad to hear the good news about the little one, Dan. :)

    • Yeah it was fun seeing a few readers guessing correctly :)

  • Delta-v

    I’m noticing some new names in the comment section, so it may be time for another Top Web Comics (TWC, for short) voting tutorial.

    So why vote? The more votes cast for us, the better our ranking. The ranks on TWC are collected 100 to the page, so #1 to #100 on Page 1, #101 to #200 on Page 2, and so on. Almost everybody who looks at the TWC home page reads Page 1, a comparative few go on to Page 2 and a tiny handful go any further. Rank #200, therefore, is the first meaningful goal at which any increase in readership could be expected. Rank #100 is the Holy Grail of TWC voting, since while hundreds of people read Page 2, thousands, perhaps tens of thousands worldwide read Page 1.

    This is why I’m going to beg shamelessly for your votes. We’ve been there, and we want to go back. The higher the rank, the more views, the more views the more new readers, the more new readers, the more commenters for everyone here to talk to.

    We’re currently averaging about 15 votes per day, and are sitting in the cold, dark area outside the cherished Rank # 200. What would it take to get to Rank #200 and beyond? About three more votes per day.

    How do you vote? Right under Dan’s little mini-blog comment area there are two banners one orange (Patreon, also a great idea) and blue. The blue banner takes you to The Demon Archives’ Voting Gateway where you can vote. Or, you can just click on THIS LINK. How about it folks, will you help us?

    • NickDA

      Very yes… especially since their vote tracking seems dodgy lately.

    • Mark Linimon

      We were at 200 momentarily after I did my morning vote.

      • Delta-v

        I’m a bit embarrassed because I should have acknowledged and thanked you for your earlier post. We are kindred spirits on voting. :)

      • T.R.

        #193 now, with 167 votes, so we’re climbing. But we’d need 300+ votes to crack the top 100 – so let’s keep it up. :)

  • Joel Joseph

    Glad to hear your baby’s doing better.

    I see the Dust Witch has made an appearance. Will she become a regular?

    • You will definitely be seeing more of Agent Nightshade in the future, that much I’ll say at this juncture ;)

  • T.R.

    Tankbot feel sad. :( Will sit here a few minutes and try to reboot to a happier place. Wonder what happened to good friend speedbot. He was here just 3.2917 seconds ago helping purge this nice armor of its meatbag infestation…

    Welcome Talia! (aka Nightshade and Dust Witch) Those of us outside the 4th wall have been expecting you. :)

  • I remember the first reviews that pointed how women in this comic weren’t important, they didnt get that was the way the main characters saw them.

    Today we have:

    A badass, independent female AI that saved the protagonist, without romantic feelings towards him.
    a badass scientist that designed the most advanced AIs in the world, and is learning how to be a mother
    a badass little girl coping with PSTD, but strong enough to make and help new friends, and really smart
    and Thalia.. badass is falls short for her in every aspect

    • Delta-v

      A concise and correct statement. :)

  • I feel like a proud father sending his daughter off to her first day of school. In a really rough neighborhood. After giving her extensive kickboxing lessons.

    • Although probably not as proud as real life proud father Dan Sharp =P

  • Adriano

    Nice railgun, miss.

    • T.R.

      I bet you say that to all the girls. :)

      • Delta-v

        Yeah, he can’t help himself. He’s kinda like our version of Pepe LePew. ^^

  • Yep, definitely not Jorge. But it’s good to see a new ally. I’ll have to check out the supplemental materials and learn what this character is all about.

  • Eonknight

    Nightshade FTW!

  • Eoraptor

    Well, if you’re gonna pack heat, at least let it be hypersonic railgun heat, or better yet, hypersonic railgun H.E.A.T.