• Ian Brown

    the Oculus Techs are going to have a heyday with that wreckage!.

    • Just clarifiying in case you don’t remember Glaucus are the scientists, and Oculus are the Diplomats/Politicians. :)

      Because yeah, both will like the wreckage, for different reasons XD

      • Adriano

        Oculus have techs? Or do they have one of those fancy customer support…

        Oculus member: “Yes hello? I can’t seem to make my MinervaPad work for some reasons?? Can you help me???”
        IT guy: “Hello sir, what seem to be the problem? Have you tried to turn it off and on again?”
        OM: “Have you tried to go fck yourself?? Of course I already did that! Now it doesn’t turn on when I try!!!”
        IT guy: “Well, have you tried to plug your MPad to a wall so it can charge its batteries?”
        OM: “What, do you think I am stupid? I will let you know that I am a great friend of the President Smith and you will hear of me soon so I wouldn’t speak to me with this tone! Now fetch me someone competent to fix my MPad!!”
        IT guy: *sighs* “Please stay calm, I’ll send someone to fix this for you. Thanks for calling the minervan customer services.”

      • Ian Brown

        oh, right. whoops.

    • DeNitro

      With growing Minerva link to Deathbots, any Oculus personel arriving to collect the wreckage would be more than suspect.. Wondering if Tenzin has any ammo reloads in the APC, would he enforce that only Aegis collect it..

    • DeNitro

      With growing Minerva link to Deathbots, any Oculus personel arriving to collect the wreckage would be more than suspect.. One wonders, as Tenzin would certainly have ammo reloads and supplies in APC. Once Jane remotely drove it to battle site, would Tenzin enforce that only Aegis relieve them and collect the two death bots..

  • Adriano

    I feel like Tenzin could as well get killed inside Minerva.
    Scary af

  • Matt [in Middletown]

    Panel 1, deathbot on right is doing either a beans or heartburn commercial.

    • NickDA

      Just needs extra strength tums.

      • Robo-Bismol.

        • Matt [in Middletown]

          Send for the bubbles of alka-sabot.

          • DeNitro

            Now that you made me look…. Both Deathbots look like tourists from the land of milk and mild chease, having just eaten explosively hot bowls of chili in Ensenada…

        • Honza Prchal

          That’s even funnier with a cheesy Russian accent … or even a real Russian accent.

  • Kaiden

    Let’s give the Deathbot corpses to Rick for him to play with!

    • Man, I don’t know if Rick could handle it. Too much emotion and memories there.

  • Amberlight

    Have Seba post a lower page of this page in lineart for people to print out and have fun colouring and then send their work to you. Maybe have a contest for the best Nightshade colour scheme.
    I think I have a set of colour pencils lieing around for years.


    • I’m already having him make coloring pages ;)

  • Tenzin, I’d expect you of all people to be pleased with how things went. Could have gone better? It could have gone worse and you know that firsthand, man.