May 2016

Chapter 10: Page 5 – Shadows and Daymares

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Heavy stuff.  Poor Tenzin, having to eat Aegis Power Bars(TM) after a dream like that.

Did you see a new picture we got for a science article on Powered Armor?  An artist friend drew it for me for my birthday :)

Also, I wrote up a mega-long article about how we’ve been doing advertising, to help other creators, and to show you what I DO with the Patreon money some of you awesomely pledge to us.  Hint hint, nudge nudge ;)

  • Adriano

    Duuuuuude. Sell me those bars cuz I need ’em!

    • Delta-v

      Peanut butter and granola fried in canola oil. ^^

      • Adriano


        • Now you can make your own!

          • Adriano

            Aw yiiiiiiiss!
            Thanks a bunch :D

  • Kaiden

    Seba’s art here is amazing as always! Love the demon!

    • Oooh, you have a TDA icon for your profile XD

      • Kaiden

        I stole it fair and square.

        • Makes me think I should put several together though and put them on the site somewhere for people to easily use if they want to. Hmm, but where to put them… Extras? About?

          • Adriano

            Extras seem to be the right corner for that kind of stuff, no?

    • thanks a lot!

      (awesome profile pic btw :P )

  • Adriano

    *Jane singing* “This girl is on fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiire!”

  • Kahunabob

    Beautiful layout on this page. Awesome representation on someone tormented by his own guilt. Tenzin, you poor sod :(

    • Thanks :)

      • Adriano

        Yeah Seba, your art is amazing! This page is fantastic.

  • Hm, something looks different about today’s colors. They seem more vivid than usual. Tenzin’s face is particularly animated in the second panel as well. I like it.

    • The nightmare gets to be extra vivid, while the rest of the page is in muted (inside the APC) colors?

      • Not quite. The whole page seems to have especially rich hues. Maybe it’s just the lighting inside the truck. It’s got a sort of warm, reddish look all over that makes the entire page pop. You know how I am with colors, though, and I think the page looks great.

        • You always have such thought out and detailed comments :)

      • Matt [in Middletown]

        The red angry Jane fragment in his head hissing in his ear gets to be extra vivid.
        “Baby, I EARNED this!”
        After all, she’s squirreling around inside his head on the backs of the neural net of nanobots.

  • Matt [in Middletown]

    There’s a Mentos commercial starring Tenzin and Deathbot somewhere in there.