Dec 2016

Chapter 11: Page 23 – One More Thing

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Seba is mid move and craziness, so here, have some inks that still have a couple of missing edits on them. Lucky you all seeing the process! ;)

Speaking of process, I’m uploading the initial page sketches to Patreon for any and all donors. If you’re into that sort of thing, or just want to help us out financially. This will be especially helpful over the next few months as Seba is busy. We’re looking at a couple of ideas, the least favorite of course being an extended hiatus. Going down to once a week updates for a bit seems likely. But I had the idea of commissioning some other artists to draw short Demon Archives stories I write. Do both a little bit of worldbuilding AND make some comic for everyone to read.

Thoughts? Things you think I should write about? ;)

UPDATE: Colors on these two pages, may need edits later. Seba still doesn’t have internet at home :/

  • Amberlight

    So Angeline named her AIs HAL and GLaDOS? What can possibly go wrong.

    • Good ol morbid humor ;)

      • Kahunabob

        Hey, don’t forget Edi! … you fanboyz you ;) Thanks for the giggle (manly, but still…) this morning

        • Amberlight

          Well, EDI is nice, most of the time.

          • Issatrav

            Except when she finds something truly interesting and forgets to recycle the oxygen, or floods the villains with seven zettabytes of pure pron. EDI has an interesting sense of humor.

    • Honza Prchal

      Left out Alice … and, just for balance, Robbie, Wal-E, The Vision, and EVA. Maybe also that wife-beating guy from Alpha Flight who gets replaced by a robot.

  • Jeff Hutchins

    I for one think some short prequel comics that tell stories between now and the period of demon archive would be interesting. Show how our current world crumbled and how and why others picked up the piece the way they did.

    • NickDA


      • Jeff Hutchins

        NICK!!!!!! I love this comic and read all the time. I just rarely comment.

        • Delta-v

          But do you vote? Much may be forgiven if you vote for us on TWC. ^^

          Although we could do with more comments from you, too. :)

          • Jeff Hutchins

            I cast a vote just for you 5 minutes ago.

          • *clasps chest, overcome with emotion*

          • Delta-v

            Ah, you’re a jewel among readers. :)

            (Don’t forget that you can do it again every day! ^^

          • NickDA

            I miss you man. How’s things at work? Are you in the same group as Clint?

          • Jeff Hutchins

            Things are good. I am in the same group as Clint, although he’s been gone on paternity leave recently. I saw a while ago you and Bradshaw were at a new company. How are things going there?

  • DeNitro

    Holidays then that mid winter “Burrrr” it’s cold outside,, what’s a hard working creative person to do…?

    IDK, being we are all hooked on those continuous by-weekly updates, its hard to admit a little slow down spiced with some short stories tossed in would really recharge the creative energy for that next chapter. Family time is solid gold this time of year, and it’s not like anyone could even chase off this devoted horde of people that stop by way too often with a announced slow down. Everyone will still be here, happy to read or look at anything posted right up until that next chapter starts again.

  • Matt [in Middletown]

    Safe travels during the move, Seb!

  • Hornet

    Load Antrax into an Aper frame and give him control of the spider bots. No need to worry about physical invaders again. Course getting into the lab will be a longer process following multi-layered procedure.

  • Honestly, it’s kind of interesting seeing these WIP pages. It’s like getting a sneak peek backstage or something.

  • Justice

    Oh ho! I see that smirking soldier in the 4th panel. What could it possibly mean? Oh how I wonder so.

    • Heh, glad someone noticed ;)

    • Honza Prchal

      He’s thinking more children, now that she’s feeling all maternal and got rescued by a very nice young lad. I shall wager a dollar for any doughnut it is so.

  • Color update for these two pages! Seba has some more fixes to do, and is still sans internet, so I don’t know when the next page will be up :(

    • NickDA

      Lily’s leg looks a little small compared to her torso in the last panel… otherwise super cool page hologram effect.

      • It’s not nice to stare at people with disabilities, Nick.

  • IamN0TaW33AB00

    I feel bad that Seba has no internet. Rest in Pepperonis

    • IamN0TaW33AB00

      Also I found this webcomic from Steel Salvation’s About page 10/10

      • Good ol Steel Salvation. We’re so lucky to have gotten some of Josh’s prose skills :)