Dec 2016

Chapter 11: Page 24 – FFFFrustration

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Alright, Seba has at least occasional access to internet now, and thus I can give you a page today :)

This chapter should be ending next week, and we’re gonna need a bit of a break between holidays and Seba getting sorted at his new place. Any artist friends or readers feel like submitting any art or short stories or anything, let me know XD

Also, week 9-ish of The Spider Forest Comic of the Week. Two more great comics from Spider Forest you should check out :)


Atrina Vilanar discovers an alien civilization on the other side of a strange gate! Alien to Atrina, at least. People on the other side seem to recognize her. Back home, Leawyn still believes Atrina is alive, and will do anything to find her.


STORM AND DESIRE is an epic sci-fi/fantasy adventure comic about three women whose fates collide: WYNDERIA, a scientist-musician & interdimensional explorer; LORELEI, a cyborg translator & occasional singer; and ANJETTE, an intelligent weapon system & occasional sorcerer. Together they set out to learn the secret history of the multiverse…

  • Blake Pereira

    Oh shit, she means it’s a trap, just like the one she was bait for…

    • She’s basically a tiny, cute, Admiral Ackbar. ;)

      • Honza Prchal

        Somewhere out there, a cult of Admiral Ackbar fetishists is organizing a protest near Daniel’s workplace for insulting their white turtle-top wearing sex symbol.

    • Matt [in Middletown]

      The end!

  • Now there’s a Silent Snarker moment if I ever saw one. ‘Scuze me while I add that to the ol’ Tropes page.

    • Woot! I love that page XD I should link to it somewhere on the site officially…but where…

      • T.R.

        You should use it here in the comments when you want to let us know that our theories are not impressing you. :)

  • T.R.

    Lilly recognized someone! Since she can’t talk, she’ll need to use an alternate communication medium. Pictionary?

    But she’s going to need to tone the snark down from “kill” to “stun” if she wants to get her message across. :)

    • NickDA

      Last panel facial expression is best… “stupid adult types”

  • Joel Joseph

    Is Lily trying to say that those are the same men who did that to her and the rest of her town?

    Also, what’s the reason she can’t she talk? Emotional or physiological?

    • Delta-v

      It has never been established. The records at Arkjut were destroyed, and we know nothing about her–not even her real name. Presumably Dan does, but he’s playing his cards so close to his vest that they’re leaving an imprint in the fabric. :)

    • Both, and we’ll continue to explore that :)

  • IamN0TaW33AB00

    I’v waited so long for this! And by “so long” I mean a few days. Homework is stupid. Also Lily seems really good at Draw Something.

  • Delta-v

    Hey, gang, I have some bad news about our Top Web Comics ranking. We’re currently sliding from the bottom of TWC’s Top 200 page into obscurity, and back again. We’ve actually LOST ground from our fairly poor showing in November

    Please take the time to drop us a vote, either by clicking on Viktor’s blue vote banner above, clicking on THIS LINK, or, best of all, adding The Demon Archives to your TWC favorites list, and using it to vote every day! :)

    Thanks, I know you won’t let me down. :)

  • Bruce Greenwood

    “Neck snake!”
    “Harry Potter and the Temple of Doom!”

  • Hornet

    Hmm. Goon squad they just chased off are the ones that hung her from the door to trap the Kelarese (sp?)????

    • The correct spelling was Keleres, but you were close enough I knew who you meant ;)