• T.R.

    Plans? What “plans” does he have in mind? And is Goro working towards the same goals as Pres. Smith?

    Inquiring minds want to know!

    • Delta-v

      Oh come on! Would this actually be The Demon Archives, if he was?

      • And would I be me if I didn’t do my best to stir up the pot of paranoia and competing conspiracy theories? XD

        • Delta-v

          It’s why we love you, man. :)

          So from Tenzin’s point of view, the only questions left here are whether Goro is true ally, “enemy of my enemy”, or another enemy seeking to be top dog.

          • T.R.

            I don’t know about Smith. He obviously seems ambitious. But when in a room with Goro (someone we all strongly suspect is a bad guy), Smith worried that “the public needs stability and unity at this time.” If they were working on a coup or similar, wouldn’t Smith be focused on Oculus’ needs (in support of the plot) and not the Minerva public? There’s a disconnect there.

            I’m suspecting that Smith is getting played. Maybe Goro is behind the Oculus “mobilization” that Wilhelm was asking about? (either an actual mobilization, or just rumors to make things more favorable to the Conspriacy)

            And we (or at least I) still don’t know if the Minerva Conspiracy is linked to the Deathbots or if they’re just both active at the same time. (either is plausible, just haven’t seen anything to indicate how connected they may be)

        • Matt [in Middletown]

          He’s hoarding all the tactical bricks for himself!

  • Amberlight

    Goro has some menacing facial hair. They scream “Villain!”. I wonder if he plans to usurp Smith or something of a kind.

    • Matt [in Middletown]

      I resemble that.

  • A Klingon from TOS!! Figures.

  • Matt [in Middletown]

    So I take it that Oculus is mobing to combat Aegis.
    And Smith wants Kubek silenced.

  • Delta-v

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  • Devilish

    What’s your endgame Alex? Assassinate Kubek? Conquer Minerva for yourself?

  • The expression in the last panel doesn’t say so much “I’ll take care of it” as it does “I’ll take care of YOU.” Not sure I’d really feel all that bad about this guy getting knifed, but then again, there’s the devil we know and the devil we don’t.

  • Josh

    I think I get it. Alex was never the big bad. It was his second in command the whole time. Alexander is genuinely trying to keep Minerva afloat in the way he thinks is best, while his second in command is playing Machiavelli behind his back.

    • A solid theory :)

    • What do you think after reading the latest chapter and the current novelette?