Apr 2017

Chapter 12: Page 22 – Doctor Nightshade

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Alright, inks and colors will be up eventually, but in the meantime, the sketch, and an announcement!


Once this chapter ends we’ll be taking a hiatus to let Seba recover and get ahead, AND at the same time we’re going to finally do our first Kickstarter to fund a print run! Get hyped!

As part of that we’ll be doing guest art, so if you want to draw something for us, do let me know XD

Anyways, more details to come!

EDIT: I’m sure Seba will have edits to this but I pushed him for something to upload today XD

Cosmic Fishes: Acantha and her kind are monsters called “ghosts”. They aren’t part of the “life cycle”, where every living soul filters through two planetary guardians. As the different ghosts and monsters change — both emotionally and physically — they attempt find the answers behind the mystery of their existence, and either heal or run from past mistakes.


Fine Sometimes Rain: A slice of life about love, friendship, and overcoming depression.


Evil Witch Allie: Jake found a little girl claiming to be a witch wandering alone outside his house on Halloween. It would have been nice if that turned out to be the weirdest part of his night.


Paisley Brickstone: Being the new kid is never easy, but life gets even harder for Harvey Mammaroth when gym class takes a wild turn and he and his classmates find themselves trapped in an empty school. Is the whole thing just a vague assignment set up by their sadistic gym teacher, Coach Trener? Or is something much darker going on?


October 20: After a decade of fighting the curse that has befallen them, Catherine and Raimundo have their backs to the wall. The last of their allies have been claimed by the monster that comes for them every year on October the 20th. Can they survive the day? Can they find a way to go on, even if they lose everything? And can they find the man called Shields McKloskey, who seems to hold all the answers?

  • Matt [in Middletown]

    “we’ll be taking a hiatus to let Seba recover and get ahead, ”
    Seb is too driven to truly rest.
    The security overwatch will need to stand by with a water bottle and rolled up newspaper to smack his hands.

  • Matt [in Middletown]

    Grand Theft Viktor, f da police!
    *Viktor and Thalia peel out down the hallway*

  • KBoysx1
    • KBoysx1

      Uh oh I misspelled ‘the.’ XD

  • Moxie

    Hope y’all’s hiatus works out better than steel salvation’s. Luck!

    • Ooof me too!

      Ours should last about a month, with Seba planning on drawing the whole time and building a bit of a buffer XD

  • Henrik Svantesson

    Nooooo, I’m all caught up!

    • Alas, it happens eventually XD

      Welcome to the present!

      • Matt [in Middletown]

        It is all part of the plaaaaaaaaaaan.

        • Honza Prchal

          Underpants gnomes.

    • BlackMethos

      Been there myself just recently hehe.
      Welcome to the club :)
      If you haven’t done so yet: Go through a binge of the archives for all the lore, background and tech. Really wel written and gives a nice insight into a few things from the comic proper.

      • Henrik Svantesson

        I already did! ;___;

    • Moxie

      I feel your pain brother. I feel your pain. 😕😩

    • KBoysx1

      The world works in mysterious and cruel ways

  • Honza Prchal

    That’s a silly accusation to make against a guy who lost an arm and a leg to the APER, unless the prosecution can plausibly claim he was hit by his own troops … I am, of course, assuming that jury unanimity is what they’re going for.

    • This isn’t really a jury trial, unless you’re counting the court of public opinion ;)

      • Honza Prchal

        Then it is an especially foolish accusation to just toss out there. It WILL lead to tongues a waggin’ when he disappears (I mean, in addition to his missing arm and leg) though.

  • Dang. I was wondering how she’d get him out of there without being seen. Figures the answer would be as simple as just wheeling him out the door.