May 2017

Chapter 12: Page 27 – Goodbye, Minerva

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Alternate title:


Because Seba is a creative genius XD

That’s a wrap of this chapter, and the beginning of a hiatus! This one will be a bit longer, with new pages starting again on July 3rd, to try to:

  1. Build up a nice buffer so we don’t have late pages and etc like we did this chapter.
  2. Let Seba relax his brain and be creative on different things.
  3. Actually run the kickstarter for Chapters 1-3! I just ordered a test printing, which if all goes well will be part of the project video. Expect that shortly!

As always, I’ll still be posting guest art (please let me know if you want to make something! Stick figures and MS Paint are perfectly acceptable, as is prose or anything really!), some comic reviews, and Seba has some fun ideas for interlude standalone pages we’ll be posting as well, so keep checking back :D

If you’re worried about losing track of us, don’t forget we are on Facebook and Twitter and have an RSS feed and all that jazz. I’ll also post pages on Patreon as Seba makes them if you want to support there. Patreon supporters will get a bonus reward as part of the Kickstarter :D

Oh, and it’s my birthday this week! XD


  • Happy Birthday, Dan! Great job, Sebas!

    Will we see Jane squatting like a mime-in-a-(tiny)-box to reflect the computer limitations of the roller?

    • You might hear her gripe about it. Considering a slight timejump forward rather than spend pages and pages of them driving ;) On to the interesting things! XD

      • ….

        wouldn’t the APC have a bigger better computer then the power armor tho?

        • Delta-v

          Nope. The power armor was specifically designed for her to give her all the necessary sensors and RAM she needs. The APC’s computer is pretty much maxed out taking care of the APC’s needs.

        • Heh, Delta-v makes a good point, and I was just being silly mostly.

          The bigger issue would probably be more of Nightshade not letting her plug in during the escape XD

  • Matt [in Middletown]

    “Mom, I gotta go to the bathroom!” -Jane to Ange
    “Don’t make me turn this around!” -Nightshade

  • Happy Birthday week. Definitely looking forward to you doing print runs!

    • KBoysx1

      Thank you. I had a fine birthday today

  • Moxie


  • That alternate version killed me. I’m typing this from the grave as I speak.

    • Matt [in Middletown]

      Wise fwom yo gwave!

  • Kahunabob

    Happy Birthweek! Enjoy the sorta-but-totally-not-a-holiday ;)

  • Moxie

    “It’s 106 miles to Chicago…” 😎

      • T.R.

        I don’t know why I’m thinking this is cool, but I’ve been within ~150 miles of the Minerva HQ site. (cueing up “It’s a small world” for audio background)

        And for most people who lived there, a half-pack of cigarettes wouldn’t be enough for a 106 mile trip.

    • Honza Prchal

      On that same theme, but different film and even better done, look up Tom Selleck and Don Ameche in “Folks”, and check out the end of the road-trip scene.

  • T.R.

    That’s a pretty big getaway car – you’d think that someone will be able to track down who authorized releasing that from the motor pool…

    I expect Kubek could keep this quiet for a while, but the more active his cover-up then the more he’s exposed if his role is uncovered.

    • Sebastián Piriz

      you know we actually think about all that stuff, right?


  • FujiiiYakumo

    Rejected title: Don’t Cry for Me Minerva.
    Mainly because the followup would be, well yeah, the truth is I AM leaving you. :/

  • warp

    Marathoned this comic over the course of 24 hours. It left me with a feeling of “meh, that was EPIC!”

    • Welcome to the present! I enjoy a nice binge-thru. You notice things you miss reading one update at a time :)

      • KaTaai

        Happy belated birthday btw.
        I came acros the open tab again so I am going to try and add it to my rssfeed again :)

        • Curses! Hopefully Nick will eventually fix it :/