Aug 2017

Chapter 13: Page 1 – Dam Doctor

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Ah, puns. And movie quotes/allusions ;)

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But I believe in you, and that enough of you will pitch in and help make this dream a reality. With printed books, we could have a store, and take them to cons, and be like, real comic creators! :D

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  • Devilish

    I like beard dude’s beard in panel 1

  • Matt [in Middletown]

    *Evil digital dialogue*
    “Soon the nipple will be free. Soon I will-” *Brick attack!*
    (Viktor isn’t the only tactical brick enthusiast!)
    Sopka breakout averted through judicious use of tactical brick

    • Hornet

      What nipple???

      • A bad translation of the acronym “SOPKA” is “nipple” :P

        • Matt [in Middletown]

          I’m certain Sopka would know that, and make use of it in certain dialogues just to needle people.

  • Honza Prchal

    I was convinced I was going to be SOOO clever when I wrote “About Dam time!” or “Dam, here we are at last!”
    This just proves that great minds think alike … and so do ours.
    As for “sopka” translating as “nipple”, given the classic shape of a dome volcano … that actually makes sense as slang. How oddly approrpriate.

    • Heh, you still get points in my book XD

      I mean, not as many points as you’d get if I also saw your name show up on the backer list on kickstarter… ;)