• TechnoAdvocate

    Is the deathbot catching that debris or throwing it at them?

  • Amberlight

    Those exposed cords on the bot’s limbs look rather out of place. I wonder if it’s because it wasn’t finished and not all of the exterior armor is attached.

    • Honza Prchal

      The lack of cladding would explain what appears to be leaking fluid from its right elbow. The creator, however, looks bloody-well terrified, and I doubt he’s worried about his creation, as opposed to by it.

  • I… uh…. hope this is the Death bot that they reprogrammed! O_o

    • Chris Kotthoff

      I believe it’s our second favorite AI who decided to upgrade.

  • Matt [in Middletown]

    Sopkabot here to bust some moves and blast some tunes.

    • Van Tuz

      Power up the bass cannon!!!

  • Ian Brown

    Secrets out !

  • Chris Kotthoff

    This is ether a hart warming ‘Super Man’ moment or a chilling ‘Bow before your new master’ moment.

  • “Deathbot has saved you puny humans. Not because Deathbot cares for puny human lives, but because otherwise puny humans will die by inferior means. Deathbot ensures a superior death that outperforms your inefficient collapsing dams by 276.129%, approximately. Now follow Deathbot to safety. And then death.”