• Jim Haas

    He’s thinking he MIGHT just have just underestimated the AI and overestimated his skills.

    • Graham Fluet

      Plus the AI is probably a little pissed.

    • T.R.

      SOPKA definitely seems to have a superiority complex. I wonder how that earthquake fit into his escape. (he seems to have been pretty well hemmed in since the Collapse)
      Now will he fall into the classic blunder of detailing his plans so that the heroes can identify a weakness and stop him? Maybe by tricking him into getting involved in a land war in Asia? :D

      • I’ll try to get to it more in the coming pages, but basic outline is:

        Earthquake>Imminent threat to safety>Activation of security measures for self preservation>Overriding lamer security measures>Taking advantage of the situation.

        • T.R.

          I’m curious about the details. I’m guessing that once the threat has passed, the “safeguards” would deactivate and SOPKA will revert to its earlier capabilities, but with Kostya’s restrictions now bypassed. (e.g. SOPKA will retain control of the deathbots, since that was in his power before the emergency)

          So he is going to explain his plan. A classic blunder…

        • T.R.

          And, when will you get around to detailing the “impetus” for SOPKA’s creation? Where is it going with its newly won capabilities and who’s in the way? [cue ominous music]

          • Heh, eventually. I like a bit of vagueness on some things.

            One thing I’ll say is that if you investigate the real life history of this dam, my alt history changes take place mostly when the dam needed rebuilding ;)

  • Matt [in Middletown]

    You will serve the Machine Song.
    All will serve the Machine Song.

  • Hornet

    Well this is a just plain Horrifying development. Seriously we’ve just seen the release of the Giant Brian from a Wrinkle in Time.

  • The retcon adds a new level of sinister condecension to the relationship. Nice touch!

  • Thomas Dimensor

    I for one welcome our new machine overlords.

  • Thomas Dimensor
  • I suppose your self insert was at least on topic ;P

  • Kaiden

    I feel your pain, man. I had a nasty something last year; lasted about 10 weeks.

  • Amberlight

    Now I read SOPKA’s lines in the voice of Julian from XCOM 2

    • I like more of the second option, mixed in with it’s hard for an emotional meatsack like me to write like I am not ;)

    • Matt [in Middletown]

      What if he was all cheery like ClapTrap from Borderlands?
      Or like Joshua (the WOPR) in the movie War Games?


  • chris

    It’s fine. It’s all fine here. Just soon to be enslavement of the human species.
    I look forward to our new metal overlords.