Oct 2017

Chapter 13: Page 16 – SOPKA’s Interests

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Alright, new page! I need to step up and write faster, but I’ve got so much going on XD

Time to roll out the red carpet for some recently accepted SpiderForest comics tho. Go binge on those ;)


Heart of Keol: Ethan is a young man with a broken family. After an encounter with a mysterious child, he wakes up in a strange world that looks a lot like ancient Korea—except with magic. Even with all this frenzy happening around him, he can’t seem to shake off his family baggage…

Tistow: Small Trolls: Jáhko and Veeti live out daily adventures in the nearby woods, helping fairies build houses, outwitting monsters, gathering seeds with trolls and helping wisps grow saplings. Under the guidance from Jáhko’s grandmother and the woodland spirits, the boys will learn the ways of the shaman and to respect nature.

Children of Eldair: Koe finds a young woman held by demons, kidnapped from Earth and brought to his world by fairies. Can he help Embera get back home, and will his own world survive the journey?

  • Amberlight

    As murderbot-building AIs go SOPKA is a pretty nice guy.

    In a sense that he’d apparently logical in his actions.

    • He’s not gonna destroy all humans just for the fun of it ;)

      • Matt [in Middletown]

        But, human destroying is fun..it makes the circuitry gleam and hum to cause meat things to cease normal function.
        Altering function is fun too.
        *Cue hideous man machine hybrid fashion show*

        • Hornet

          doubt he plans on making Cyborgs, more like wearing heads as hats and hands as gloves.

  • T.R.

    SOPKA seems to be tied in pretty tightly to Minerva systems. Lots of Minerva logos there in panel 5. And the building just to the right of Kostya’s speech bubble looks like one of the Agency HQ’s. Can’t tell if it’s Aegis, Oculus, or Glaucus…

    • Delta-v

      List of targets, perhaps?

      • T.R.

        Maybe, but SOPKA has indicated that it’s allied with the Conspiracy, but doesn’t share their goals.

        Though my point was more that SOPKA had access to that data, and we wondering how it had access to that data. Some looks like video from Tenzin’s trial. Which makes sense if you wanted to provide info to build a psychological profile of him and Jane. But the high-level views of the buildings seems more sinister – why is SOPKA looking at that?

        And above it all, what was the “impetus” that led to SOPKA’s original creation? And what is it trying to accomplish?

    • Hornet

      Well the President of Minerva is a scum sucking traitor. So I wouldn’t think it should be to surprising to find that he’s given SOPKA all the network access he has.

      • T.R.

        I’m not sure – I definitely think the core of the conspiriacy is in Oculus, but I think it’s more the underlings than President Smith himself. Granted, Simth’s ambitious and willing to throw a few elbows, but I’ve seen no sign that he’s personally complicit. And I’d be surprised if there Glaucus and Aegis were not significantly penetrated/compromised, too.

        Smith’s aide, Goro, seems to be up to his neck in naughtiness.

        What I’m trying to figure out is how did SOPKA get that video info? Kostya’s folk are independent, and are trading Deathbots for medicine and supplies, so it’s not their data. And only Kostya knew of SOPKA, so who’s providing that info the SOPKA? If Kostya is getting it, wouldn’t that raise questions? And if SOPKA is getting it directly, how did he accomplish that? (did he start hacking those Minerva systems the instant he got loose?) I can’t imagine Kostya allowing SOPKA to access those outside feeds…

        If the Conspriacy knew of SOPKA, and if they realized its capabilities, wouldn’t they try to take over? They’re not above clearing the town to server their goals, so they either don’t know about it, or there’s something preventing them from making their move. (maybe just distance/force projection logistics)

        Lots of dots and not enough lines yet…

        • I really like the fact that you went back to check a shadow figure to see if it fits with your theory. makes me feel its worth so much work on the details.

          here the Minerva Logo is because Sopka’s talking about Minerva, the screens illustrate what is it talking.

          • T.R.

            Hey, I’m a sucker for detailed worlds. You and Dan put those details in there for a reason, and I’m sufficiently OCD to go looking for them. (Still impressed that you put G’s picture there in Lilly’s drawings for all to see – daring us to make the connection)

            That’s a lot of information about Minerva in SOPKA. I’m wondering where that came from. Having details on Tenzin/Jane makes sense, since those are being used to make the Deathbots better at fighting. But all that other data? (including the images of the buildings and the shot of Goro and the 2 others) Why would that get included in the data dump of Tenzin/Jane? I suspect SOPKA has been *quite* busy since the Earthquake.

  • T.R.

    *Quite* the superiority complex: “Pay attention Konstantin. I just said that you were more useful to me alive.”

  • Whoa! I caught up! Glad to be up to date on this again. :D

    • Delta-v

      Welcome back to the present. ^^ Please continue commenting. :)