• Matt [in Middletown]

    “What is this we’re building? Why does it look like..a stage for a rock concert?”
    The Machine Song, all are invited.

    • WolfLordTK

      Ha ha. More like all are killed.

      • Matt [in Middletown]

        Swing to the symphony of destruction?

    • Matt [in Middletown]

      What would a deathbot concert look like anyway?
      Lead singerbot has graphic equalizer lights up his side panels, quad bass cannon speakers in his chest, a dbot noise marine I guess.
      The others, bass guitar bot, lead guitar bot, and drummer bot, I can’t even imagine.

  • Thomas Dimensor

    I for one welcome our new machine overlord.
    The fact that he might kill me if i don’t might play a minor role in that.

  • T.R.

    Dan: Hopefully the good kind of busy. (e.g. promotion at work)

    Looks like SOPKA has assigned itself a guard. I wonder it Kostya (or his dad) ever researched scenarios to take it down if it got loose? SOPKA seems smart, but I doubt it has enough bots to be everywhere. UPS backup only lasts so long…

    • Heh, busy busy trying to finish my PhD to get back to med school, while also trying to make time for the comic, the kickstarter, some personal recreation time, family, church XD

      And don’t you remember the cunning plan Kostya’s dad left him on a sticky note? ;)

      • T.R.

        I’m not sure “Don’t let SOPKA escape” meets the minimum requirements of “plan”. :)

  • Hornet

    Wonder if the brainiac finally realizes he’s lost control.

    • Chris

      Maybe… but SOPKA just admitted that the squishy hoomans are required to repair the dam before it collapses.
      While the threats are definitely real SOPKA can’t afford a mutiny before it’s even taken control. The question is if SOPKA has enough computations to acknowledge that enslaving the local populace is a poor decision. Best to stay in the dark, which would be a window for Kostya to prevent SOPKA from escaping.

      My terrible theory at least.

  • Given that everybody in his town has proven to be a lot more savvy to potential risks than him, I’m gonna place my bets that they are not going to go along with this. I’m also going to bet that he’s probably not going to tell them the truth so they can make an informed decision, because he has a track record of not doing that. I’m also going to bet that with the genie out of the bottle now, they’re not going to trust him as far as they can throw him no matter what he says, true or not. So our would-be robot overlord here really isn’t thinking things through when it comes to who he’s choosing for crowd control.
    Unless them not trusting him and refusing to unify out of mistrust so they’ll be easier to round up later was the plan all along…

    • Nah, Sopka’s just got a Xanatos Gambit going ;)