Nov 2017

Chapter 13: Page 22 – Deathbot Vision

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Hey hey new page on the right day! :D

One more page in this chapter, although Seba had an EXCELLENT idea for another “After Credits”/between chapter scene we’ll do after that.

Oh right, not everyone may know the inside-ish joke presented here…I’m sure someone will explain below, bonus points to whoever does first ;)

  • Matt [in Middletown]

    Doc, you’re alright.

  • So Tenzin will receive a Request for Proposal as a Consulting Ass-Kicker? Sweet.

    • Matt [in Middletown]

      Tenzin, you are called in to defeat the nipple!
      “Wut?” -Tenzin

      “I can play mood music for this.” -Eddi3
      “Quiet, you.” -Jane

      • Van Tuz

        SOPKA: “Stupid organics…”

  • DeNitro

    WTG Dan,
    Yet, I can’t stop laughing at,,,
    That thought of what all of us english and russian fans have come up with while to trying to decide,,
    “What cyrillic based phrase could have produced that same Acronym..” :-)

  • Amberlight

    That joke will take some effort to translate… Actualy no, I’ll have to put something entirely different in it’s stead. The only Russian-speaking entity that thinks “sopka” and “nipple” to be synonimous is Google Translate.

    • https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/c0f1bfc62b4d4ce2d6dc04942cc7e3ea56f0861a5fe987996eeeaf9091d524fe.jpg

      I dunno man, Google is perfect, right? ;)

      If I recall it was something like SOPKA->hill->mound->nipple?

      Or maybe it was across multiple languages with Cyrillic alphabets?

      I’ll probably have to explain it in comic ;)

      • Amberlight

        I searched the dictionaries and am yet to find a “nipple” meaning. Sopka is a hill or a small, flat mountain. Or even a small volcano.
        But not a nipple. Unless “nipple” also means “small mountain” in English.

        • Do the other definitions listed of nipple at least mean nipple?

          Also, RE English:

          3 a :a protuberance resembling or suggesting the nipple of a breast
          b :a small projection through which oil or grease is injected into machinery

          I think it’s the nipple->protuberance->mound->mountain connection, somehow?

          • Amberlight

            Honestly, I’m out of ideas here. No dictionary I’v consulted draws any connection between sopkas and nipples.

          • Heh, I have an idea for explaining the joke in comic, then, since I’ve basically canonized it.

          • DeNitro

            Oh yes,, Trying the various online dictionaries and translators has always been,, Entertaining..

            Toying with just Yanex Translation gives one results, while overlooking both “Sopka” & “FDIC” are not words for direct translation.

            So While Yanex reports
            Fdic = ФКСД
            here is the error:

            Federal Department Insurance Corporation = “Департамент Федеральной Корпорации По, Страхованию” that creates
            “ДФКПС” rather than “ФКСД”

            Самоорганизующаяся программа для консультации и анализа is “Спдкиа” rather than “Сопка”
            FIY Yanex translated “Спдкиа” to “Spacia” :-)

            Anyone’s guess where nipple got into that confusion.

          • Oh in making the acronym I stood the O halfway through the first word (since it’s a conjugation of self and organization), and ignored the articles and small worlds, just taking the other big words ;)

          • Amberlight

            In acronyms particles and prepositions are usually ignored, so SOPKA is a proper acronym.

          • DeNitro

            Thank you, in reflection, my use of “FDIC” avoided that type of conversion.

            Btw, some years back, on a large forum made up of multiple language speakers. We all came to one same conclusion. Google translate must employ amateur comedians,, as whenever the code fails to find translation,, it seems to substitute in humor…

  • T.R.

    So are the deathbots able to pick up the conversation through the walls? I’d expect that Kostya would have known that was a capability of those things. So either SOPKA is expanding its capabilities quickly, or Kostya is trying to play it by letting it *think* that it’s able to listen in when it wants.

    That seems like a dangerous game…

    Seva: Great work! Panels 1-3 clearly show SOPKA continuing to eavesdrop. (continued from page 21) And panel 7 evokes the idea of the deathbot listening to the conversation through the wall. I’m not quite sure what about the shading/color on that panel which makes me think that, but I’ll noodle on that over the next few days.

    • there is an idea about Sopka’s capacity to eavesdrop that is gonna be more clear with the next page (I hope)