Jan 2018

Chapter 13: Page 24 – After Credits 1

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Happy New Year everybody!

We’re back with some bonus pages for Chapter 13 before heading in to Chapter 14, which, fancy enough, will have some bonus characters in it from high tier Kickstarter pledgers!

Kickstarter printing is going well enough. Waiting for Seba to get a physical test copy in Argentina (still!) to make sure the colors print alright, have the deposit down with the print company, etc. Hopefully we’ll get prints this month! And then for those who couldn’t/didn’t support the kickstarter, we’ll have extra copies for sale :)

  • Amberlight

    Does the engineer guy has Putin’s photo on screen during SOPKA’s diagnostics as a lucky charm?

    • SOPKA’s mind works in mysterious ways…

      Or, you know, he just happened to be looking at a website with Putin on it XD

      • Amberlight

        So the screens show what SOPKA is currently browsing?
        Testing it’s network analysis protocols?

        • Yeah what he’s looking at and analyzing, tech observing and looking for improvement.

  • Matt [in Middletown]

    “Well Sopka, we’re almost set to play LAN games. Just a few more tweaks until we’re ready for a deathmatch in Crysis!”