Jan 2018

Chapter 13: Page 25 – After Credits 2

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In which Dan makes an attempt to enshrine the horrible translation of SOPKA some of you discovered years ago. Sorry, Amberlight ;P’

In local news, it’s a blizzard outside, and I had to cancel/reschedule my important thesis committee meeting, but at least the tow truck came to pick up my car after it wouldn’t start :/

  • Thomas Dimensor

    Ah yes, deny the highly advanced AI that would easily be capable of starting a war with you access to the internet, which it needs to fullfill its purpose,
    What could possibly go wrong?

    • T.R.

      It doesn’t seem like the disruption of network access was intended. Maybe this was the point in time when the balloon went up for WWIII, triggering the Collapse?

      We don’t know what its purpose is/was, so it’s still possible that its “influencing” contributed to the start of WWIII. (how’d that be for irony?)

      • Thomas Dimensor

        That certainly is an option. It would make for a good narrative, that’s for sure.

    • Honza Prchal

      Well, one is assuming it has a personality, and little patience. I assumed war had broken out, cutting the Internet itself, but allowing it ever more access to t he Internet doesn’t seem brilliant either. one ought to cut it off in a way it cannot perceive, though, if one has even an inkling that it is paranoid, vengeful, and dangerous.

  • Huh. Figures TOR would survive the apocalypse. But if you’re trying to get on the AI’s good side, protip, don’t expose it to Reddit. That site makes humans hate humans.