Aug 2017

Chapter 13: Page 3 – Earthquake

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Ok, so, you remember how I said we’d reached 50% on our Kickstarter print run? A backer backed out, and we dropped below D:

In fact, this week has been a big of a stagnant lull overall. BUT! With your support, we can make it happen! We’re printing this for you awesome readers, after all :D

Even $5, netting you the ebook, would mean a lot!


  • Matt [in Middletown]

    He said “listen”.


  • Delta-v

    And Mega-Giganto-Ultimate Deathbot makes its presence known….

    • Matt [in Middletown]

      The Attack on Titan theme plays the next time Tenzin and Jane face off against it.

  • Don’t you just hate when dam engineers don’t ask geologists what the weight of All That Water will do to the underlying strata? I know *I* do!

    • Hornet

      Not really, but then I live at the top of a hill and work on a plateau above the local river. Really who set up this camp right below the damn dam???

      • Amberlight

        Dam’s machinery is located at it’s lower part. If the town was upstream, the people who work at the dam (80% of the population) would have to climb 220 meters down and up, up and down, every day, every month, every year.

        And this dam can pretty much survive a nearby nuclear blast. So, yeh.

        • Some things to consider: People taking care of the dam arent really engineers. Not many universities in the wastelands.

          Defense matters. In this case is easier ti defend the current town location.

          Maintenance of the dam is way more difficult when you don’t have a huge state like Rusia taking care of it.

  • T.R.

    I think Konstantin is pissed and has decided to power-up – Dragonball style – to demonstrate that he’s not to be messed with on this matter. :)

    Though it does seem significant that the “plague” started and *right then* someone showed up with just the right help. The Conspiracy seems to have long reach, ample patience, and attention to detail. Sounds like a certain AI we’ve met…

    • T.R.

      More thoughts. I think Katerina’s more right than Timur. If a foreign power wanted to take over via military force, sending medicine against the plague would not be on their agenda (whether they were responsible for the plague or not) – that’s a tactic to gain influence or to gain leverage in a transaction, not to soften up an enemy for conquest.