Jan 2018

Chapter 14: Page 1 – Leeroy Tenzin!

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The name of this page is thanks to Seba being a comical genius.

Seba wins the internet today.

Seba wins the internet today.

Typh and Peonie are special guests courtesy of Kickstarter superbacker Shan Wickremesinghe, and come from the webcomic Exiern, which he contributes to non-artistically at times. Let’s see how long they live ;)

  • BlackMethos

    Well, let’s just hope it doesn’t end the same way for Tenzin & Co. it did for O!Leeroy & Co.

    Either way – seeing Thalia and Tenzin interact will be… interesting to say the least XD

  • Chris

    With hair like that, they are gonna take some names.

  • PhotosyntheticZ

    Nitpick: Are you okay with stealth being a verb?

    • Thalia certainly is ;)

    • Dogma

      “Suit up.” is an accepted component of colloquial English, “Stealth up” isn’t far off.

      • One thing I try to think about when writing is to make dialogue sound more natural by NOT always being grammatically perfect. We ‘verb’ adjectives and nouns all the time (I just did right there <– ) in English, and that's without 100+ years of lingual shifts.

        How's that for an explanation that gets me off the hook for most grammatical errors? XD

        • Dogma

          She’s got a hell of a get up on, Tenzin too.

    • T.R.

      I hate it when people verb perfectly good nouns.

      [Edit] Dang it, just noticed that Dan beat me to that verbing joke. :(

  • Delta-v

    There seems to be some disagreement over Alpha status. Will Jane cast the tie-breaking vote?

  • Matt [in Middletown]

    There’s horrible smacking and rending sounds and Tenzin comes back walking funny.
    “They gave me a wedgie! How did they give me a wedgie?!”

  • Thomas Dimensor

    Basicaly what happens when a game says “Stealth is optional for this mission”

  • Nate the Robot

    This is how I search for traps when I’m playing a barbarian.

    • Hehe, my barbarian fell into a pit trap on Saturday XD

      • Nate the Robot

        It’s ok when it’s on purpose!

  • Because rushing in usually works out for you, Tenzin.