• Amberlight

    It’s weird to see the vehicle go boom like that from a single hand grenade After all the armour is as strong from the inside as from the outside, even if the squishy parts inside get squished.
    And I know, I know, artistic license and the rule of cool and I’m nitpicking, but isn’t that what you need the russian audience for?
    Then again I guess if the batteries detonated it could provide enough boom. But if that’s the case I wonder how many Glacus engineers got fired for not providing any shielding for the battery compartment or making the batteries on a military vehicle explodable in the first place.
    …fine, I’ll shut it.

    • *waves hands* This isn’t the physics you’re looking for…


      Munitions stored inside, we only showed one grenade, rule of cool walking away from explosions, etc, take your pick :P

      • Sovicat

        Munitions is what I would say. That happens even with modern armored vehicles.

        • DeNitro

          Use a pellet gun,, https://goo.gl/images/R6SRSz

          • Not what I picture when I think of pellet gun bullets XD

          • DeNitro

            Funny thing, was linking to a image of GAU-8/A 30mm round next to beer bottle.. At approximately $137 each round still cheaper than killing armor with a tow missle. And pellet gun reference, it’s what tank looks like afterwards, a cardboard box shot by a bunch of kids and their pellet guns. :-)

    • DonFenix

      Actually, from the picture it looks mostly intact, just on fire. The only structural damage I can see is it looks like one of the rear tire arm/axle mount/strut things broke off. Depending if the vehicle took damage in the firefight or maybe it was sitting there because it was already damaged, that requires much less suspension of belief.

    • Matt [in Middletown]

      It has Samsung Galaxy Note7 batteries, it violently rejects reality.
      (Seriously, ever see the Note 7 battery explosions? That’d do it.)

    • Chris

      Closed compartment. Highly volatile expanding gas. Even the smallest of explosives when enclosed can have devastating results.

      • Amberlight

        The door is wide open though:)

  • Matt [in Middletown]

    Tons of questions vs toes of questions.

    • Not a typo ;)

      She’s got several fingers and toes of questions left ;)

      • Matt [in Middletown]

        I thought she was doing a threatening play on words.
        He doesn’t need those toes anyway, and she can just ask Tenzin to step on his foot.

        • Exactly XD

          Just confirming that it’s a not a typo for “tons” ;)

          • Matt [in Middletown]

            Ah, didn’t mean to give the impression that I thought it was a typo.

  • Delta-v

    So much for being able to commandeer that APC…

  • Van Tuz

    I have to admit, this man has BALLS.
    Some terminator just punched through the wall, violently wiped out his whole base, tore out APC door, pulled him outside while eating assault rifle fire at point blank range… and you STILL need to break his fingers to get answers.
    That or Nightshade is just an asshole.

    • Why not both? ;)

      But yeah, probably more of the latter, which makes sense if you’ve read her short stories.

      *hint hint, plug plug, click on Extras->Lore*

  • Matt [in Middletown]

    Thalia in the first panel: “So, you come here often?”
    Henchman: “Is..is that a threat hidden in a cheesy pickup line?”
    Thalia, with a wry smile: “If I wanted you picked up, I’d have Tank McStompy back there pick you up again.”

  • Robert Ten Hove

    Did you leave the spoon on that grernade? Also I noticed that Jane’s hair style has been matching Tenzin’s military buzz cut since she got dropped in his head.

    • … If the pin wasn’t removed that’s an artistic oversight from never having thrown a grenade, not a weird tech choice XD

      Ah I see, the pin came out, but we didn’t show the spoon/grip coming off like they do?