Jun 2018

Chapter 14: Page 17 – Angry Mama Bear

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When Mama ain’t happy…

Sorry this is late, last week had some difficult family stuff to handle, and I started working in the hospital yesterday.

EDIT: Colors! And colors for some previous pages too. And probably no page this week as I deal with being behind from hospital work and etc. Busy busy busy!

  • Jarin

    About time someone slapped that boy upside the head with some good sense.

    • Honza Prchal

      And this is why we marry … so someone will always be able to do this to us. Oh yeah … and kids.

      • Hornet

        They have laws about marrying your therapist…

  • Matt [in Middletown]

    “and I started working in the hospital yesterday.”

    “And how did this happen?”
    “I sat on it.”
    / End vague “Scrubs” reference.

    Dang dude, let someone in will you?

    • Delta-v

      Jane GOT in. He didn’t like it. Perhaps that’s why he’s closed tighter now than ever…..

      • Well that was more of an invasion…

        I’m talking more of a, hey, open up to someone voluntarily…

        • Delta-v

          That was my point. It created in him an even greater aversion to opening up to anyone.

          The only ones I can see him opening himself to are Lily or Viktor. It would be unfair to put that burden on Lily, and currently Viktor is only slightly better off than a vegetable.

          With that in mind, I think he’s going to be REALLY unhappy with the coming conversation about Viktor….

          • Chris

            He’s not really opening up to them, more of self reflecting off of them. Neither Lilly or Viktor can respond directly so He’s using that to self counsel, to the detriment of both.

            I’m surprised that Tenzin is even able to converse at all with the level of self blame and inward-ness he’s at.

  • Tyler Burns

    Anyone else just…not like Tenzin, like, at all? He’s just…such a jerk, almost 100% of the time.