Sep 2018

Chapter 14: Page 24 – Dramatic Irony

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You know the best part of this page? I didn’t realize what a dramatically ironic statement I’d written for Tenzin until Seba pointed it out XD

It’s good to be part of a creative team :D

Speaking of teams, the SpiderForest comic collective welcomed a bunch of great new comics to their team that you might enjoy! Here’s four pretty funny ones :)

Northwind: Angels Tiel and Iax accidentally release the Northwind, which results in their banishment to Earth. Watch as they hilariously learn to fit in with humans, dodge the Northwind, and discover a potentially earth-shattering demon plot.

The Stoop-Gallants: When Ru drunkenly discovers his necromantic powers one night, his life is irreversibly changed and he embarks on a quest to get rid of his desiccated new companion, meeting a colorful cast of knights, wizards and scholars with mysterious cheese allergies.

Flaky Pastry: Follow the unlikely adventures of three room mates: Marelle, Nitrine and Zintiel. Silliness and situational comedy, with a healthy dose of adventure, action, romance and outright craziness.

Ingress Adventuring Co.: Saving the world is a pretty big deal, but what do you do when no one needs you anymore? Do you become a magic professor? Do you study a convoluted thesis that no one understands? Maybe you relive the glory days by starting up a one-man adventuring party to gather mystical artifacts for people who may or may not pay you. Or, if you’re Toivo Kissa, you do all of those things.


  • Jarin


  • Matt [in Middletown]
  • Delta-v

    Yeah, especially when you’re as stubborn as two mules tied together! Oh, wait, you were talking about the Deathbots

    Hey, gang, it’s been a while since I’ve said something about voting, but The Demon Archives could really use some help. Many thanks to all those who currently vote, but If anyone out there isn’t voting, please consider doing so, and help move it up the ladder back into the sunlight. You can click on THIS LINK and drop a vote there.

    Thanks in advance. :)

  • Chris

    Tenzin doesn’t always speak in full sentences, but when he does, it’s a heavy reality check.

  • Honza Prchal

    Perhaps a link exchange with this chap http://tenearthshatteringblows.com/archives/comic/extra-character-sheet-2 – who is more Jim Zub-style lighthearted but on a similar wavelength?

    • They did just join SpiderForest with us I think :D

  • Matt [in Middletown]

    *singing, terribly*
    “Deathbots keep dancing on my bed. But that doesn’t mean that I’ll soon be red, fell right on my head -dead.”
    (“Sung” loosely to “raindrops keep falling on my head”)

  • Honza Prchal

    Tenzin’s mechanic is particularly sad about that.
    He seems like a really, REALLY nice guy, with a lot less personal damage than the shooters/protectors or the ladies who hung out in the science lab.

  • And there is the awkward silence…