Oct 2018

Chapter 14: Page 25 – Definitions of Fun

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Hey all. I survived my Surgery clerkship! And I THINK I passed, too ;)

Sorry haven’t been around the site much, just been super busy and a bit demotivated.

Seba should have these colors soon, but this is also a good chapter closing point (tho we have some more “after credits” pages planned). I’ve been accruing guest art to share with you while Seba and I try to write and prepare a larger chunk of the next chapter before posting it. I’ll try to post at least one thing a week :)

If any of you want to contribute a thing, that’d be more than awesome :D

EDIT: Colors!

  • Oooooo stepping up the game! O_o go go go ….

  • Jarin

    Debating whether Richard was trying for subtle innuendo or not…

    • Honza Prchal

      Just embarrassed by the not so subtle innuendo he’s feeling in the aether … both rightly and wrongly.

    • Heh, you can’t see it in the following panel, but he’s blushing furiously ;)

  • DeNitro

    Here I was going to edit my previous joke, had posted wrong version, but now that Tenzin remembers the engineers name is Richard,, this jokes on me.

    Q: What does Tenzin call the site where Rick exposes dark Oculus secrets?

    A: Randyleaks

    • Honza Prchal

      Considering what the meaning for the adjective “randy” is …

  • DonFenix

    I thought I had missed an update so jumped back to the last page and had another chuckle about the “when you’re in pieces” and the awkward silence. hehehe It’s the little things that get ya.

  • Honza Prchal

    “Demotivated”?!? More like properly focused on actually, you know, saving lives and quality of life and stuff.
    Glad you likely passed. S’Bohem, mate.

  • Matt [in Middletown]

    The rise of Cave Jane when they connect Jane to his head?

  • Matt [in Middletown]

    Alternately: Jane is puzzled to gind signs all over Tenzin’s mindscape stating “claimed by the Jane Empire”, hence his slightly more erratic behavior.
    His hallucinations were due to meatspace Jane trying to communicate and finally just deciding to settle in and set up shop.
    For the nanobot hordes roped into being her subjects.
    / Kidding!

  • matanui3

    “Colors soon” you say, months ago…

    • Heh, them’s the breaks when your artist has to take other jobs to eat ;)