Dec 2019

Chapter 14: Page 28 – After Credits 3

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Here we are, as part of our currently monthly scheduled programming. Remember, if you want to see us post more frequently, we need to increase our funding! You can help by supporting a buck or two a month on Patreon (where you would have seen this page and over a month early), or buying books or ebooks!

Here’s another commissioned test page by a potential Seba replacement, Neri Rearte. Ok “potential” is a lie at this point, as I’ve already started working with him on Chapter 15 :D

The next several pages will be new Character Sheets of the main cast while we try to create some buffer. The limiting factor still is $$, not Neri’s time, so if you want to contribute we’ll get pages made and posted faster :) The book makes a great holiday gift as well :D

  • Matt [in Middletown]

    March of the Death Toasters

    • now you got me thinking of “Stray Toasters” by Bill Sienkiewicz.

  • man, the late 80s, a small radio with a weak signal, and an hour of the Dr Demento show were regulars for my small gaming group. good times. long live dead puppies, as it were.

    • p0indexterous

      We used to listen to him every afternoon, back in the 70s.
      My fav was: 🎶Fishheads, fishheads, rolly-polly fishheads🎵
      And, of course, Mr Bill.

      • fishheads and dead puppies were cornerstones of our foundation, man.

        • p0indexterous

          They have made me the man I am today.
          I should probably sue.

          • Meran Ni Cuill

            They didn’t make me a man… should I sue? Though they did bring me a man… am I even?

            And funny enough with all these body parts floating around: why does no one bring up Detachable Penis? 😂

          • p0indexterous

            Good one!

          • Meran Ni Cuill


          • p0indexterous

            You are definitely not even, Meran! You tilt quite a bit!

      • Meran Ni Cuill

        Sometimes I sing that under my breath while I’m walking around… I have no idea why ☺️

        Heck, I won’t watch any ANY of the John Wick films because of the brutal killing of dogs. For once, I’d like to see the dog win. (Check out Heart Shaped Box!)

        • i didn’t know that was a part of those movies …. sad. i’m all for the dog winning as well.

        • p0indexterous

          Back in days when I used to play softball, I’d sing the fishheads song:
          🎵they can’t play baseball, they don’t wear sweaters, they’re not good dancers, they don’t play drums🎶
          Surprisingly, no one on my team had a clue about what I was singing.

          • Meran Ni Cuill

            Yeah, I was considered Very Strange too. But in my time (hah! Old joke)(as in, “I’m old so I can say it), nerds weren’t a thing, geeks bit the heads off of live chickens (still disgusting), and there was no term I could fit in.

            So. “Weird” I became. I have always embraced that difference. Oh. And I was always very very quiet. I did learn to speak up. ☺️

  • deathbot tryin to photobomb the Chief’s youtube upload — get yer own channel, deathbot!
    you’ve coasted long enough on the coattails of the influencers who made you what you are today.

  • Meran Ni Cuill

    And now I’m in the same boat all of you are in…

    • Delta-v

      Welcome to now. ^^