• nightgaunt

    This has the same good feeling as Ghost in the Shell.

    • NickDA

      Oh man you’re gonna love where we are going with this. Who was your favorite character from GITC? Mine was Saito.

      • Adriano #WR

        Ghost in the Shell…
        Never seen it.
        I’ve planned to, but too much busy those times :/

        It sounds like a legend from me x)

        • NickDA

          “Ghost in the Shell is not a plot-driven film, it is a concept-driven film. The Puppet Master plot is just a vehicle to look at the deep questions of a cyberpunk society—especially those relating to humanity and gender: if the only thing that remains of your original body is a small piece of your brain, are you still human? What exactly is a soul? When anyone can have any body they choose, what exactly does gender mean anymore? Why is the most masculine character of the film (the Major) the only one with a woman’s body?” – http://kotaku.com/5977908/for-years-i-hated-ghost-in-the-shell

          Pretty much sums up my thoughts.

          • Adriano #WR

            This is exactly why it is a legend !
            Plus, cyberpunk is always cool :D
            When it’s not too violent. Or is it always like that ? ahah

  • It’s an AI!

  • theRoUS

    “IT”.. flash to the film of the same name with Roddy McDowell and the Golem.

  • Adriano

    Do it for Indira, Tenzin!