Jan 2014

Chapter 2: Page 15 – Cowboy’s Report

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I know, I know.  There aren’t any explosions on this page.  I’m sorry :P

But seriously though, Nick was not joking the other day when he said the first new commenter to sign up with Disqus and comment on a page gets a printed poster of a page of their choice.  Food for thought.

  • nightgaunt

    Machines can be frightfully efficient in war. Especially with no limits. Too bad they can’t find a satellite uplink for it.

    • NickDA

      What if they can’t find a satellite uplink because there isn’t one?

  • Ung this comic was better when it had the budget to support constant explosions and blood. (Kidding!)

  • Really nice page, this one!

  • Citrus Reaper

    I’m liking the look of that blue undersuit.

  • smurfton

    Actually yeah that’s really cool.