Jan 2014

Chapter 2: Page 16 – Warning!

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Oh look, a little tease of the bad guy!  Well, if that doesn’t sate your curiosity, know that page 21 is entitled “First Glance.”  :D

Also, thanks to those who’ve been supporting us by voting for us each day over on TopWebComics.  It is really bringing a lot of traffic over to the site.  If you haven’t been voting, you can get a holiday wallpaper download by doing so.  Come February I’ll upload a new incentive.  Probably a high res of one of the chapter covers.  Or maybe a page from the FUTURE! ;)

  • Delta-v

    Yeah, that narrowed it down some. You know, I still haven’t heard a better guess than the one I made nine pages ago, so for now “naked zombie Amazons from Mars” is the best guess anyone could come up with.

    But consider this. BlowsUs asked for a drawing of my silly comment, and Seba said he would do it, so it hit me: Since so far the only female characters are a computer program, an injured child, and a crabby scientist, I’ll bet the team at Demon Archives were surprised to get requests for fanservice. AND IT’S ALL MY FAULT! BWA-HAA-HAA-HAA!

    • demonarchives

      You are an evil soul sir… but on the good side over on page 1 we got a new commenter so that is awesome :D

    • demonarchives

      Yeah, I’ve slated it into his next page “batch” schedule and $… so we will eventually get the joy of seeing his take on naked zombie amazons from mars… should be really interesting.

    • nightgaunt

      It is a “reptilian” from the Inner Earth via a parallel dimension. After all the shake ups they found a reason to come out.

      • Delta-v

        Hey, nightgaunt. Good to see you. Come on up to the present and have a chat. :)

        And, yeah, that is a better guess. :D

  • I sense a death within the squad coming up :(

    • That’s a pretty good bet basically anytime in my story ;)

  • Aqua Draco

    Just occurred to me that Tenzin was saying “idiot” in Mandarin instead of the person’s name.

    • Hehe, yah, he was shouting at Yohan. I thought it would add a nice bit of flavor to the comic (since everyone speaks English primarily), to have people swear and etc in their native tongues.

  • Citrus Reaper

    Because I’m a sucker for (nonexistant) crossovers between webcomics, I’m going to assume until proven wrong, which I suspect will happen in the next page or so, that their mystery assailant is in fact a Fogger from Derelict.

  • theRoUS

    I’m confused.. in whose HUD is the WARNING being shown?

  • Matthias Schrettl

    Instead of going on reading, I will stop here for now and make an assumption, that this is some sort of AI unit from a nation destroyed decades ago in the war, like some sort of doomsday device, that activates itself when its creator-nation is destroyed. Yet it is still active since then, following its programms, or maybe even its programms got corrupted.

    • I always approve of theorizing.

      As long as you don’t stop reading to find out which possibility I decided on ;)