Jan 2014

Chapter 2: Page 22 – Another Man Down

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Poor Marcus.  Hadn’t yet quite learned to obey commanding officers with superior intel without hesitation.

On a positive note, welcome and thank you to some of our new commenters!  It’s always wonderful to get feedback from readers (and fellow webcomic creators).  Question though;  Do you think Nick and I are responding to you too much with too many hints and spoilers?  Or do you want MOAR? ;)

  • Delta-v

    This is starting to resemble “The Odyssey”, only without the Lotus Eaters.

    Up until now, you guys and I have been mostly keeping each other company. With others commenting, the pressure is much less. I’m going to keep commenting at my usual pace, but you have the luxury of responding only to direct questions, or things that interest you, or annoy you (e.g. “DELTA-V! Shush!”). I’m comfortable with your current level of involvement.

    I commented on the TWC page for Demon Archives–whaddaya think? Shameless enough on the voting plug?

    • That is a perfect little summary and plug! Makes me want to steal it and make it official :)

      And you’ll always have the special honor of being our first major commenter :)

      • Delta-v

        Consider this official permission for any member of The Demon Archives team to use anything I post with or without attribution as circumstances may dictate.

        (I’d have this notarized, but I don’t think my laptop would survive the process.)

        • Hehe. Thanks Change-in-Velocity. And I suppose we can forgo the notary for the sake of your laptop ;)

        • You rock, thanks for kicking us in the rear to start working on getting the project out there more… its been a fun last few weeks.

  • Carina

    Unfortionally I don’t quite understand what is going on on this page.

    What’s happening in the third and fourth panel?

    • Welcome, Carina!
      Tenzin tries to shoot the deathbot/Caliban/killtraption from the previous page, but misses, shooting it’s cloak. Viktor and Yohan continue running, and then Tenzin follows them after he misses.
      Can you see it now? Any insight on what specifically was confusing about it?

      • Carina

        Yes. I do.

        Why i missed it – the panel cutout feels to small.

        In panel 3 I couldn’t identify the cloak as cloak without seeing Mr. Roboto – I thought it was a hanging sunshade like in panel 2 and 3 at first, but that didn’t make sense. Why should they suddenly shoot defenseless sunshades? Ammo’s expensive. In my defense, I didn’t pay much attention to the cloak on the last page, my whole thought there was “Oooh, big one. That thing’s gotta be HEAVY.”

        And in panel 4, well, I still don’t know what that shape in the top right is. At first I though it was the helmet of someone falling over, but the design doesn’t fit. It could be a knee or the heel of the boot, although then he’d run into the wrong direction. With the info you just gave me, I think it’s the tip of a boot as opposed the heal, but it’s still hard to see for me. Not enough context for my brain to understand.

        So basically, I’d need more environment/figure on the page itself to understand the action.

        I still don’t know where Mr. Roboto is compared to the people, although that might be intentional. But he must’ve been infront of them, if Tenzin shot at it from that pose.

        (And one day I’ll remember that unfortunately is written unfortunately, but that’s why I have a proof reader.)

        • Hey look this one worked too! Thanks for continuing to try to comment even though Disqus hates you :)

          On panel 4 I’m assuming you meant top left, which is indeed the toe of Tenzin’s really big boots. It does look like a heel… At the top right we have.. a building, and a hillside. Yeah, you meant top left ;)

          Ah, that makes sense. Seba made the cut out small and just showing the cloak to try to show how fast Mr. Roboto (another good name for him) moves, and how hard it is to see and follow him. Even Tenzin missed, and Jane helps him aim all the time. So it’s supposed to be confusing and hard to see, because that’s what Tenzin (our lovely grumpy protagonist) is experiencing. Sorry if it worked too well ;)

          Keep battling Disqus! Your comments are much appreciated :)

          • Nate the Robot

            I recognized the cloak, and I knew in the 4th panel it was some part of the lower extremities of Tenzin, but that could be because I’m hooked on details and the robot made a lasting impression with my memories =).

          • Nate, glad to hear it :) Fair warning, though. This robot probably wouldn’t want to be friends. It’s definitely of the “Destroy All Humans!” variety. Jane’s nice though, as are some other artificial life forms we’ll meet later in the story ;)

          • Nate the Robot

            “He’s not angry, he’s just misunderstood” =)

          • Hmm…Maybe a re-write to Tenzin and Robodeath hugging it out is in order ;)

          • Fan Art!!!!!! :D

          • Nate the Robot

            Yesterday I wrote up a fan art page, so if I can just find the time to draw it, I think you’ll be VERY happy with it =).

          • Awesome! When you do, just email it to me at dan at demonarchives dot com :) I’ll post it up and link back to you.

          • I will trade you sweet sweet swag for some of that stuffs.

          • Nice detail and question… some of the times the “camera angles” Seba chooses are “non-traditional”… but they are awesome once you grasp them. Then again we’ll want to make sure not to many people feel lost.

            On a plus side: Seba is so awesome he’s already thought out the treads of Tenzin’s big-ol boots… not unfilled details here :D

  • nightgaunt

    Probably infiltrated first using the cloak and head gear, a common sight in the desert. Also good for hiding its ordinance package too.

    • NickDA

      Yep, or maybe there were others involved with the townspeople massacre, and this was the big gun left for the Keleres.

  • Adriano #WR

    I think it’s perfect how you answer comments now, but maybe it’s because you’ve got tons of experience xD

  • theRoUS

    Whoa, curving bullet paths! Wanted for the Keleres!

    • leaving reality in favor of narration, the curve on the bullets’ path show that Tenzin wasn’t exactly aiming, he was trying to cover an area shooting and moving his gun from side to side: the curves show Tenzin’s movement