Jan 2014

Chapter 2: Page 23 – No Escape

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A couple of important things to notice on this page:

  1. Did you see how fast Tenzin moved?  He was behind them, now he’s in front of them!  Pretty nifty suits, eh?
  2. Yeah, that’s Lucas from the Glaucus engineers back in Chapter 1.  And those are their tank transports they were going to hide out in until backup came.
  3. And that mystery liquid?  Well, what do you think it is? ;)
  • Carina

    He really should stop being an ass to the poor shrink lady, he’s going to need her after this.

    • Do you mean his AI assistant Jane? Or the scientist lady back in Chapter 1? Neither are “shrink ladies”, but yeah, he really should work on his relationship and social skills :) And he most definitely will need some therapy.

    • Delta-v

      When we met Professor Bellami (Ch. 1, P.5), she was being angry and unreasonable by demanding that he delay reporting for duty. Tenzin was grumpy about being sent on a mission with insufficient rest, and instead of telling her to march right down to Command-and-Control and take it up with them, he took it out on her.

      Who was in the wrong? Geez, flip a coin–you’ll be right either way.

      • In the pre-canon he has been being a wee bit of an ass though… by dodging her. Here he just had a great excuse for the dodge :D

  • Nate the Robot

    Today’s FUBAR Society meeting:
    “hi, my name is Tenzin, and I’m having a bad day”
    “hi Tenzin”

  • Aw man, the urine barrel got shot up. That’s a few less gallons of get-out-of-jail-free juice for the next time command comes by and orders a surprise drug test.

    • Hehehe. Win. Gross…but hilariously awesome :)

      • Charlie

        That’s what I thought at first glance too. Interesting color choice.
        I lost count-are there only three of them left?

        • Three, in the second panel you are seeing one of their helmets back in the doorway. Partially blocked by the guy in the foreground.

        • Sebastián Píriz

          Its oil people! Oil barrels in a granary. You hurt my feelings

          • Delta-v

            Relax, dude. It’s just that to SOME people oil isn’t nearly as funny as pee-pee. :)

    • Personal vote is that it is a booze of some sort… lets call it a light amber ale :D

  • Delta-v

    Outside of a few hints, I’ve been neglecting my favorite topic–voting for Demon Archives on Top Web Comics

    At the recommendation of one of my favorite acquaintances, I started reading this comic, and was immediately offended by how low it’s ranking was compared to it’s quality. I vowed to fix that, and I’ve been harping on the subject ever since.

    Here’s how it works. The more votes per day, the higher the ranking. The higher the ranking, the greater the visibility. The greater the visibility, the higher the chance that someone might read, and like, the comic.

    So if you agree that Demon Archives is worthwhile, please vote–especially on Feb 1st when the monthly totals reset. If enough people vote DA might take another upward leap.

    There are other comics that I wish were on TWC, but I won’t mention them, because that wouldn’t be groovy, kinda like calling them out in public. :)

    • Oh snap! Nice sneaky call out. Now to see if he notices it, or when I add him to my Links page ;)

      • Delta-v

        I’m sure I have no idea what you are talking about. I’ve been thing about this since October 20th.

  • jerry mcmasters

    If everyone dies there won’t be a comic anymore. YOU REALIZE THIS DON’T YOU??!!

    • Muahahaha! ;)

      Unless it’s a comic about ghosts…post-apocalyptic ghosts?

      Don’t worry. At least SOME characters you’ve already met and learned names for will continue to be characters. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t main characters I haven’t introduced yet.

      • Demetri Ermak

        And besides all of them could be intro characters, and only Mr. Roboto and the little girl and the miss doctor make it to Chapter 4.

    • Ha! Just keep repeating to yourself, that the real movie starts after chapter three… this is the intro sequence during the credits before the title screen happens. Its actually a movie about grief, post traumatic stress, mourning, and revenge at the sake of humanity… deep stuff :D – as long as we don’t screw it up.

  • Legendary Sisters

    Today has NOT been a good day.

    • Unless deathbot and crew are actually the protagonists… then it went swimmingly…

      • Legendary Sisters

        Technically a protagonist is the main character whether they’re villains or not. So the Keleres would still be the protags just not hero-protagonists. That being said, I can’t cotton to a hero-antagonist that would wire a kid to a bomb.

        • Oh me neither… with as emotionally invested as Dan gets in the characters, he’d be very hard pressed to even write that character, would require almost being an insane bastard himself etc…

          That said, my original request there was for the kid to be pierced on like a meathook/rebar instead of just hung… the point to be to have her be significantly more injured, but also to portray in a more visceral fashion the brutality of the bad guys… Its one thing to see townsfolk in the bunker… but you can pretend in your head that they didn’t suffer… Anywho… just a back-story insight into the original story thought here. I was voted down by Seba and Dan, which is probably a good thing since it would have made us rated R if this was a movie instead of PG-13 hehe.

          Wait, maybe I’m the crazy one….

          • Adriano #WR

            Ahah xD

          • Demetri Ermak

            Well maybe the kid was wired by raiders, but Keleres are no better, and the Mr. Roboto is the good guy, trying to save the kid from them.
            Who knows what they can do to the poor girl.
            Who knows.
            *creepy glare*

  • Adriano #WR

    Oh my god !!! :o

    What a plot twist !

  • Some @$$hole shot the beer!

    • Nate the Robot

      Oh no, green elf shot the food! (for you old Gauntlet lovers)

  • The mystery liquid is likely death in one form or another.

  • Citrus Reaper

    Hmmmm… Implications…. As Lucas and friends aren’t meat-stains on the floor, then that means someone has shot them with conventional bullets, which means that the robit isn’t alone!

    • let’s say the Deathbot has conventional bullet’s too. one of the armor piercing fetches wouldn’t have left much of Lucas for the readers to understand who are the death people at the granary

  • theRoUS

    Which liquid? The greenish goo from the punctured barrels? Clearly dangerous waste, which means… TOXIC AVENGER!

    And the bodies probably didn’t provide enough resistance for the rounds to be triggered, so the wounds would be through-and-through.

  • smurfton

    Huh. Maybe the Keleres weren’t the target after all. Could have been Glaucus, with the Keleres being collateral.

  • smurfton

    Thing I’m just noticing now: These people and barrel were stabbed (bullets aren’t pentagonal and always oriented the same). Stabbing a barrel seems really weird though.