Jan 2014

Chapter 2: Page 24 – And Then There Were Two

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Some of you were asking yesterday how many of them there were left.  Well, now there’s just Tenzin and Viktor.  And Jane, too.  But I figured it would be too confusing to say there were Three. ;)

Tomorrow will be the last page of Chapter 2.  Then, having caught up to our pre-hiatus/relaunch state, we’ll be going back to 2 updates a week instead of 5, on Monday and Thursday.  So make sure you bookmark the page, like our FB page or some other social media (look down at the very very bottom of the page or on the main page for others), or subscribe to our RSS feed.

  • Marius Hjelseth

    Yeesh. You know, most stories don’t introduce a team of bad-ass mech suited soldiers by completely decimating them in their first engagement. You’ve made a bold choice, and I applaud it. The story so far has been told really well, visually as well as the way it’s written. Gut-wrenching stuff.

    • Yeah. It’s weird, because this is all just a chapter or two in the novel version I was originally writing, really just as the set up to the story. But in graphic/comic form it is >50 pages and feels much longer.

      This horrible beginning is also really important for Tenzin’s long-term character development, since the story is more about him dealing with it.

      Also, that’s why we ended up adding the prologue, to show that they are effective and awesome at what they do, and it’s just that the deathbot/killtraption is really really bad.

      • jerry mcmasters

        Don’t neglect the writing. It’s a good experience getting it all down in longform and letting the imagery take place in your imagination. Do you have a complete story from start to finish?

        • I have about 50000 words of novel. At that point I stopped writing novel, because we had started working on the comic, and I realized that the amount of story already written will take years (at a bi-weekly update schedule) to tell. That and medical school started. But I do know how the story goes and have most of it planned out. Chapters 3-6 are planned and in the process of being produced. 7-9 are mostly planned too. After that it begins to get a bit more vague and I need to get back on track writing it. But I have a bit of leeway :)

          • Cuz Dan’s a boss. :D Seriously though: yeah we’ve thought through this first story arc which will be through till about chapter 9-ish. After that we have far rougher outlines, but potentials for several other story arcs. Plus we might explore a lot of “prequel” type micro featurettes later.

    • Delta-v

      This from a guy whose characters have also dwindled to two (if not quite so..luridly)? As far as I’m concerned, all of you have big brass ones, and I’m delighted at your audacity. :) Your work flies in the face of the sugar-coated “We won and nobody we know died” brand of storytelling, and it’s about d*mn time! Kudos all around.

      Um, and the girl survived too, so it’s still three, right? Right?

      • As of this moment (at least), yes, the girl is alive ;P Not sure I want to say anything more than that.

        By Two I mostly meant 2 Keleres left.

        • Delta-v

          Fair warning. If you guys kill her off, too, I will eventually forgive you, but I’ll be GRUMPY AS H*LL for a couple of weeks! :)

          • Like I’ll someday tell my children when they ask me about Santa Claus: “Do you really want to know, Delta-v?” ;P

            I mean, I could spoil the conclusion of Chapter 3 for you if you really wanted me to, but wouldn’t you rather find out in due time ;)

          • Delta-v

            Logic? You’re using logic on me? Yer a mean one, Mr. Sharp! :D

            No, keep your secrets, but I reserve the right to mutter into my old grey beard. :)

          • Santa? Is that you? ;)

          • Sebastián Píriz

            Ohhh man, the end of chapter 3 is EPIC. Not many times as artist I had the luck of reading a script (novel in this case) and feel that emotion that made me forget I was actually working

    • PS Marius, I added your comic to my link section, since you’re awesome, your comic is awesome, and you’ve helped us out so much :)

    • Agreed. Usually the power armor guys get to bask in collective awesomeness for a bit before meeting some implacable foe. But now, all I can ask is, which remaining technological enclave pieced-together this awesome piece of battle machinery?

    • theRoUS

      Who knows? Maybe it’ll be a pattern; each chapter starts with Tenzin, Jane, and a squad, and ends with Tenzin and Jane. Lather, rinse, repeat.

      But I hope not.

  • theRoUS

    Looking at this image, the armour serious needs some improvement. Deflective curves for low-V projectiles (sidearms, shrapnel) at the very least. Maybe carbo-ceramic layered ablative for high-V and impact-fuzed projectiles? Dunno about that part..

    • That’s actually part of the story, They used to fight against people with 100 years old AK47s (some times even arrows and spears). the armor’s designs are not great at all because Minerva’s engineers are overconfident

      • smurfton

        Maybe they should encourage competition. Those who make armor that can withstand the greatest impact from all angles wins a picture of their face gloating over everyone while they eat. And a nice bonus every month.

        • Yeah post this, definitely some real impetus for better design processes :)